The Old Emu

The Old Emu
Name: The Old Emu
Local outlets: Online
Boccaccio Cellars, Balwyn
Marco’s Deli Cafe Foodstore, Blackburn
Olympus Delicatessen, Doncaster East
The Melbourne Deli, Bayswater
Township/Suburb: Box Hill North
Contact name: Paul & Terri Nugent
Phone: 0417 014112
Address: 2 Lyndhurst Crescent, Box Hill North, 3129
Notes (in their own words):

The Old Emu have been making quince paste for more than 25 years. It is handmade with quince and sugar with no added preservatives. The sweetened quince puree is cooked for several hours turning intense claret like colour as it thickens and sets. The paste retains its freshness and flavour for 2 years or more. The paste is available in 150g, 250g and kilo tubs.

Quince paste is principally used as an accompaniment to cheese: the sweetness of the paste teams beautifully with the sharper blue varieties, but also combines well with the soft creamy cheeses. When mixed with chicken stock and lemon juice, it makes a flavoursome sauce to serve with meat. It can also be used in the stuffing of roast turkey or chicken.

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