Al Naturale

Al Naturale
Almond milk
Local outlets:
La Manna Fresh, Brunswick
Heidelberg West
Contact name:
Marialuisa Castrignano
0470 696842
69 Sheehan Road, Heidelberg West, 3081
Notes (in their own words):

The almond milk is made with just 4 ingredients: almonds, Medjool dates, water and a pinch of salt. There are two variants, one with 20% almonds and the other with 8% almonds. There are no additives or preservatives.

The almond milk can be drunk neat (either hot or cold), in coffee or as an ingredient in cooked dishes. It lasts around 3 weeks in the fridge although, once opened, it should be consumed within, say, 5 days.

Glass bottles are used for environmental reasons.

  • Al Naturale
  • Al Naturale
  • Al Naturale
  • Al Naturale