Specialty Coffee Army

Specialty Coffee Army
Coffee beans, ground coffee, batch brew and pour over coffee
Local outlets:
Thomastown Trash and Treasure Market
Contact name:
Harry Ladopoulos
0466 532516
6 Glenample Place, Mernda, 3754
Notes (in their own words):

Specialty Coffee Army is a small, specialty coffee roastery who sell both freshly roasted coffee beans and ground coffee. They also have a coffee trailer, which sells batch brew and pour over coffee.

They roast only specialty coffee beans graded at 82+ using a gas roasting machine, following a precise manual roasting method for each batch, creating roasting profiles that match the specific origin of the beans. These profiles cover such subjects as the appropriate grinding methods and the right water temperature using different brewing methods such as batch brew, pour over, gravity press and cold brew.

Their single origin coffees come from a wide variety of places, including Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Kenya, Mexico, Peru and Yemen.

Their coffees are roasted for both filter and espresso or milk based coffees.

They only source their coffee beans through importers that have followed strict specialty coffee rules, including trading ethically with the producers. To help reduce plastic waste, they use recyclable coffee bags that meet RedCycle’s standards.

As well as www.instagram.com/Toxikbeans, they have another Instagram page at www.instagram.com/SpecialtyCoffeeArmy.

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