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Darebin Information, Volunteer & Resource Service
Products: Fruit trees and veggie seedlings
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Preston
Notes (in their own words):

Darebin Information Volunteer Resource Service (DIVRS) is a non-profit organisation that offers a variety of resources which aim to protect and support vulnerable members of the Darebin Community. Its Urban Food Program is the practical application of goals in home food growing, community gardening, urban food production and integrated approaches to planning urban food programs.

One of DIVRS' initiatives is the growing and selling of trees and seedlings by volunteers. By purchasing and planting these products, you are supporting DIVRS' activities to protect and preserve the urban orchard for your community and for future generations and increasing your own food security and those who you share with.

Another DIVRS' initative is The Darebin Fruit Squad, which is a group of trained volunteers who harvest excess fruit from households in Darebin. Once collected, these otherwise wasted resources are made available to members of the community who struggle to access fresh, nutritious food. Since their establishment in 2013, they have collected around 6 tonnes of fruit. Whilst some tree owners simply offer their surplus fruit, others are provided with maintenance services (fertilising, pruning, etc) in return for their surplus fruit.

Based on this experience, DFS and DIVRS are now encouraging others localities to develop similar initiatives. To assist with this, they have published a booklet entitled Harvesting the Urban Orchard, whose aim is "to provide practical information, tools and tips that you can use in establishing your own fruit-harvesting project." Click here to view or download the booklet.

Diamond Blue Catering
Products: Full service catering
Township/Suburb: Mount Evelyn
Notes (in their own words):

Diamond Blue Catering are a catering service which operates throughout Melbourne. Their catering options range from gourmet finger foods to spit roasts and gourmet BBQs, with many more in between. Their services include event catering, dinner party catering, finger food catering, party function catering and wedding catering The owner, Todd Graham, established the company in 2006, having previously worked as a chef.

Diamond Creek, Planter Boxes in Chute Street
Township/Suburb: Diamond Creek
Notes (in their own words):

The produce from these planter boxes is freely available to any members of public who pass by.

There are 7 planter boxes in Chute Street (5 on the north side of the road and 2 on the south side) plus a further 2 around the corner in Inglis Street. Each of these is a wicking bed. They were established in 2014.

Diamond Valley FoodShare
Township/Suburb: Greensborough
Notes (in their own words):

Every Monday to Friday between 1pm and 3pm, Diamond Valley FoodShare provides free food to Banyule residents in need of emergency assistance. Around 50,000 meals are given out each year, and around 400 individuals receive meals in any given month.

People are referred to the FoodShare after visiting either Diamond Valley Community Information Centre in Greensborough Plaza or Banyule Support & Information Centre (BANSIC) at The Mall, Heidelberg West. Recipients receive parcels containing enough food for three to four day periods. The food parcels can be accessed twice each month.

Most of the food comes from the two major Melbourne-wide food relief organisations, namely Foodbank and SecondBite. FoodShare’s volunteers visit Foodbank every fortnight and pick up around 200Kg of fruit and veggies plus some pastries and refrigerated goods. They visit SecondBite every week and pick up around 80Kg of fruit and veggies.

They also collect donations from a variety of local sources with the collection points including five local Woolworths supermarkets, Foodworks Ivanhoe and Diamond Village and Diamond Creek IGA supermarkets. Spoilable foods are collected in a refrigerated van which was purchased with the aid of a cash donation from Watsonia RSL.

Read an interview from April 2018.

Doncaster Community Gardens
Township/Suburb: Doncaster
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is allotment-based. It is currently full and with a waiting list.

Access to the gardens is via a rough private road which runs downwards through the car park between the Kevin Heinze GROW Centre and its commercial nursery.

Doncaster Community Gardens occupies a large tract of Ausnet Services land near power lines at the back of the Kevin Heinze GROW Centre. The land is leased by Manningham Council and it’s huge, comprising 2½ acres of land divided into many rows of connected plots. There are around 140 plots in total, most of which are 10 metres by 4 metres.

Each gardener pays annually per plot, they have access to town water, wheelbarrows, hoses and lawn mowers. It is the plot owner’s responsibility to keep the paths that border their plot maintained and failure to do so can result in the loss of the plot.

Doncaster Hill Community Garden
Township/Suburb: Doncaster
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is open to the public.

Set amongst the high rise of Doncaster Hill, this garden is an 'open backyard' where volunteers learn, play and appreciate growing local food. The emphasis is on collective fun, enjoying the space and coming together as a local community. Participants are rewarded with seed collections, skills workshops and food programs. There are no private plots. Most of the food grown is donated to local food banks and charities.

Regular working bees and skill development programs are run by Felicity Gordon. Join the Facebook group for dates and times.

Doreen Egg Farm
Products: Free range eggs and Hyline Brown chickens
Local outlets: Own shop - Monday, 9am - 4pm; Thursday, 9am - 3pm; Saturday, 10am - 1pm
Local Fine Foods, Diamond Creek
Local brands sold: Maya 'Xala Honey
Township/Suburb: Doreen
Notes (in their own words):

Doreen Egg Farm sell a range of free range and farm fresh eggs to the local community from their shop premises in Doreen. Eggs are available in packs of 12 or 25.

Live Hyline Brown chickens are available for sale for locals who would like to set up a chicken coop.

Doron Talmi Sweet-eez
Products: Mandarins and oranges
Township/Suburb: Colignan (Mildura)
Notes (in their own words):

Doron Talmi Sweet-eez is a 50 acre citrus farm which grows mandarins (including satsuma & imperial) and oranges (including blood, yellow, sweet-eez & summer gold). All products are sold at the farmers' markets around Melbourne from April to October.

Dreaming Goat Dairy
Products: Goat cheeses
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Monegeetta (Macedon Ranges)
Notes (in their own words):

Dreaming Goat Dairy are a small scale dairy goat farm (24 goats) who make halloumi, chevre, marinated fetta, pressed chevre, yoghurt and labne. The goats are rotated to fresh pasture every week. The baby goats are kept with their mothers, with the males subsequently sent to a 600 acre free range meat farm.

Dynamic Vegies
Certified Organic
Local brands sold: A Local Baker St Andrews
Seasonal, certified organic produce
Township/Suburb: Eltham
Notes (in their own words):

Certified Organic and Biodynamic fresh produce. Seasonal local organic produce such as Research raspberries, Wandin Valley blueberries, Coldstream lemons, Panton Hill garlic and Healesville free range eggs. Groceries, coffees and much more.