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Tables Community Garden
Township/Suburb: Heathmont
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is open to the public.

On the second Saturday of each month at 9.30am, they tend to the garden together, learn new skills and share stories around the morning tea table. Anyone from the local community is welcome.

On the fourth Saturday of each month, from 10am, there is a food swap where they share gardening tips, food and nutrition knowledge, and where they encourage sustainable living often with a speaker to help them on our way. At the swap, they add crops from the garden to the table and also provide morning tea to share.

Tabouli Rasa
Products: Salads, hummus, dips and falafel
Local outlets: Coburg Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Cheltenham (Kingston)
Notes (in their own words):

Tabouli Rasa sell salads, hummus, dips and falafel. Their salads include: tabouli, beetroot and lentils, slow, quinoa and roasted veggies. Their dips include: natural hummus, beetroot hummus, pumpkin hummus, baba ganoush and Moroccan carrot. All of their products are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, with no preservatives. All are made using products sourced from within Victoria.

Take Me Home
Products: Pastas, gnocchi, pizza bases, pasta sauces and crostatas
Local outlets: Own shop
Aunt Maggies, Brunswick
Aunt Maggies, Fitzroy
Balwyn Fruit Supply
Biviano and Sons, Fairfield
Brunswick Supa IGA
Fredricks, Richmond
La Manna Fresh, Brunswick
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Kew
Monaco's Deli, Camberwell
Renaissance IGA, Hawthorn
Signorellis Fresh Fruiterers, Balwyn North
Wild Things Food, Fitzroy North
Township/Suburb: Coburg
Notes (in their own words):

Take Me Home are a family run artisan pasta business. They make everything by hand using traditional techniques and their Italian family’s recipes. They do not use any preservatives or additives. They grow as many of their veggies as they can at their farm in Thorpdale (Gippsland) and, apart from that, use local ingredients where possible.

Telopea Mtn Permaculture Farm & Nursery
Products: A wide range of certified organic fruit and nut trees. Also apple/pear juice and apple cider / red wine vinegar.
Certified Organic
Township/Suburb: Monbulk (Yarra Ranges)
Notes (in their own words):

Also known as Pete the Permie.

Trees for sale include: almonds, apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, berries, cherries, citrus, figs, grapes, guavas, hazelnuts, kiwifruit, loquats, macadamias, mulberries, nectarines, olives, peaches, pears, persimmons, plums and quinces.

Their farm is Certified Organic, Certified Biodynamic and permaculture designed. They also teach permaculture, biodynamics, everything about fruit trees, cider making and cheese making.

That’s Amore Cheese
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Products: Italian-style soft curd cheeses, including mozzarella, caciotta, bocconcini, ricotta, smoked cheese and matured cheese
Local outlets: Own shop.
Local outlets: Eltham Deli
IGA Gervasi Thomastown
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Kew
Psarakos Market, Bundoora
Terra Madre, Northcote
Toscano's Kew
Township/Suburb: Thomastown
Notes (in their own words):

That's Amore Cheese cheeses are made using cow or buffalo milk locally sourced in Victoria.

Giorgio Linguanti grew up in Italy and migrated to Australia in 2004. Without a word of English, he got a job in a cheese factory where his interest and passion for making cheese ignited. After his experience in two different cheese factories, Giorgio started his own business, That's Amore Cheese, in 2008. He began with just one product – bocconcini leaf - but was soon also making burrata and smoked scarmorza. In 2010, That's Amore Cheese took over Donnybrook's cheese factory and, in 2015, they moved into a larger facility in Thomastown, which includes a retail outlet.

In their shop/deli, you can find their entire artisan cheese product range made daily in their factory right next door, along with high quality Italian cured meats, olives, local, other cheeses (local and imported), Italian products and fresh bread. You can get ricotta calda (hot ricotta) until 10 am every day. There is also a little cafe where you can enjoy coffee, porchetta, pasta, gnocchi, pizza and different kinds of hot dishes (or take away).

The 3 Ravens Brewing Company
Products: A range of beers
Dan Murphy's
Preston Fresh Hood Market
Township/Suburb: Thornbury
Notes (in their own words):

Engineered by hand, 3 Ravens beers are the product of a craft brewing process in which traditional methods meet exacting standards. They take care to emphasise quality over quantity and use only the finest natural ingredients. Their beer undergoes a gentle filtration to remove fermenter yeast and the age-old process of bottle conditioning is then started with a small amount of fresh live brewers yeast. This creates a clearer, brighter beer unmasking and enhancing the flavour, aroma and body of their premium natural ingredients.

The Bearded Bee
Products: Honey
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Forest Hill
Notes (in their own words):

The Bearded Bee sells raw, unheated, local honey – their aim is to enable people to eat honey produced as close to their home as possible.

They believe in making a bee's life as peaceful as possible. Minimal interventions, a lifetime in the same place, and lots of good plants to forage. They place their hives with avid gardeners who respect the contributions of the humble bee. In return, the bees give them honey - but not at their own expense.

The Bearded Bee also provides bee and swarm removal services.

The Cake Stall
Products: Cakes and croissants. Also, sausage rolls, pies and quiche.
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Eltham
Notes (in their own words):

The Cake Stall is a home-based patisserie who concentrate on quality ingredients for quality tastes. Their sweet products include: almond croissants, baked cheesecakes, tarts, flans, brownies, muffins and whole cakes. Their savoury products include: homemade sausage rolls, pies and quiche.

The Cheese Rebels
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Products: Soft cheeses
Local outlets: Own shop
Township/Suburb: St Andrews
Notes (in their own words):

The Cheese Rebels both make cheese and sell cheese. Their shop is in St Andrews and their factory is in Epping.

The cheeses that they make include triple cream brie, triple cream blue, goat feta and blue vein.

They sell a full range of cheeses in their shop but it is only open on Saturdays. As well as the cheeses themselves, they also sell ready-to-eat cheese platters.

Hajo has a Masters degree in cheesemaking and has been making cheese since he was a child. He worked for a variety of small and larger cheese and dairy companies before setting up his own company in 2018.

The Cherry Boys
Products: Cherries and figs
Local outlets: Farm gate - 7 days a week, 10am-4pm (Dec-Jan).
Rent your own tree.
Township/Suburb: Wandin North
Notes (in their own words):

Available December to January for cherries and from February to May for figs. Varieties of cherry include Lapins, Merchant, Simone, Sweet Georgia and Van.

The Cherry Boys are two brothers who are second generation Yarra Valley orchardists with a 40 years history of producing top quality fruit. The cherries are picked daily to ensure its freshness and quality.

Cherry trees can also be rented by the public, who then pick the cherries knowing that they have their own tree to pick, untouched by anyone else.

The Farmers Yo Yo
Products: Yo yo shortbread biscuits
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Blackburn North
Notes (in their own words):

The Farmers Yo Yo make homemade, handmade, yo-yo shortbread biscuits made with all natural, all Australian ingredients. There are around 14 different flavours (including chocolate, coffee cream, lemon, mint slice, mocha, raspberry and vanilla). The Farmers Yo Yo family have been baking for 40 years.

The Fitzroy Mills Market
When: Every Saturday (except for January), 9am-2pm,
Local brands sold: Bee Rescue - Heidi Honey Hurstbridge
Girl Made Chocolate
Kooinda Brewing Company
La Villa Salumi
No Grainer
Offaly Good Food
Township/Suburb: Fitzroy
The Fresh Seafood Lady
Products: Fish
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Colac
Notes (in their own words):

The Fresh Seafood Lady is both a fisherman and a fishmonger. The fish that they sell at markets includes flathead, King George whiting, mussels, squid, snapper, gummy shark (flake) and salmon.

The Good Seed Kefir
Products: Water kefir, kefir ice pops and fermented vegetables
Local outlets: Caffe Strada, Ivanhoe
Angelos Organic Natureland, Blackburn
Aunt Maggie's Carlton
Aunt Maggie's Fitzroy
Babbage, Brunswick East
Biviano & Sons, Fairfield
Bloom Coffee Bar, Carlton
Brunswick East IGA X-press
CLAY Health & Organics, Carlton North
FoodWorks, Fitzroy
Fort Green, Northcote
GoVita Epping
Ground Cafe 619, Mitcham
Health Food Thyme, Croydon
Just Ripe, Preston
La Manna Fresh, Brunswick
Natural Food Market, Montmorency
Natural Life, Mill Park
Piedimonte's Supermarket & Liquor, Fitzroy North
Rhubarb Rhubarb Organics, Preston
Rose St Pantry, Fitzroy
Stones Throw, Montmorency
Terra Madre, Northcote
The Common Good, Hawthorn
The Full Pantry, Croydon
The Vegie Bar, Fitzroy
Wild Things Food, Fitzroy North
Township/Suburb: Crib Point (Mornington Peninsula)
Notes (in their own words):

The Good Seed Kefir focuses on all things fermented and their products are made in small batches with no artificial ingredients. Their water kefir (sparkling probiotic soda) comes in seven flavours: lemon, chrysanthemum, ginger, blueberry, strawberry x lime, beetroot x orange, and coconut. Kefir ice pops and fermented vegetables are available on a seasonal basis.

The Meat Room
Products: Salami
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Kilmore East (Mitchell Shire)
Notes (in their own words):

The Meat Room's salamis include Toulouse, fennel, chilli and chorizo. They are all made from free range pork in a PrimeSafe-approved facility.

The Meat Room also offers a bespoke butchery service for other small producers to get their product to market.

The Mrs & Co
Products: Cereals and snacks
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Mount Evelyn
Notes (in their own words):

The Mrs & Co make small batch cereals and snacks using wholesome, natural ingredients. Specific products include granola, gluten-free cereal paleo chunks and nut bars.

The Mushroom Co
Products: A range of exotic mushrooms and mushroom kits
Township/Suburb: Ringwood
Notes (in their own words):

The Mushroom Company grows shiitake, shimeji, brown oyster, enoki, king oyster and black fungi mushrooms and sell them at farmers' markets. In winter, they grow chestnut mushrooms and nameko as well, and they are the only company in Australia to grow nameko. The mushrooms are grown as spawns in test tubes, then transferred to jugs with cooked grains, then transferred to mushroom bags. No chemicals are used. They also sell growing kits if you like to experiment with growing your own. The only thing they spray on their mushrooms is clean water. If you visit them at a farmers' market, Wendy will introduce all of the mushrooms to you, as well as some recipes for you to enjoy them.

The Mushroom Shed
Products: Mushrooms, mushroom kits, some seasonal veggies, plus herb and veggie seedlings
Local outlets: Bulleen Art & Garden
Bundoora Park Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Montmorency
Notes (in their own words):

The Mushroom Shed is a local grower of swiss brown and white mushrooms and also provide 'grow your own' kits for people who want to grow their own mushrooms at home. They also do a wide range of herb and veggie seedlings, in pots/punnets - concentrating on heritage and unusual varieties, with over 40 varieties of heritage tomato seedlings available in Spring. You can see Mark and Helen at farmers' markets both locally and in other Melbourne suburbs. As a small producer, they sell only direct to the customer via farmers' markets (no wholesale), giving the customer ultimate freshness and an opportunity to talk directly with the grower.

The Natural Pasta House
Products: A variety of pastas, including spelt. Sauces.
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Westmeadows (Hume)
Notes (in their own words):

Manufacturer of artisan pasta, sauces, ravioli, agnolotti, gnocchi, cannelloni and lasagne, all made using premium local ingredients. No artificial ingredients, no bulking agents. All made on the premises, naturally and fresh.

The Old Emu
Local outlets: Online
Boccaccio Cellars, Balwyn
Marco's Deli Cafe Foodstore, Blackburn
Olympus Delicatessen, Doncaster East
The Melbourne Deli, Bayswater
Township/Suburb: Box Hill North
Notes (in their own words):

The Old Emu have been making quince paste for more than 25 years. It is handmade with quince and sugar with no added preservatives. The sweetened quince puree is cooked for several hours turning intense claret like colour as it thickens and sets. The paste retains its freshness and flavour for 2 years or more. The paste is available in 150g, 250g and kilo tubs.

Quince paste is principally used as an accompaniment to cheese: the sweetness of the paste teams beautifully with the sharper blue varieties, but also combines well with the soft creamy cheeses. When mixed with chicken stock and lemon juice, it makes a flavoursome sauce to serve with meat. It can also be used in the stuffing of roast turkey or chicken.

The Patch
Name: The Patch
Township/Suburb: Bundoora
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is open to the public.

The Patch is La Trobe University’s community garden located behind the Borchardt Library. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in their regular events, which include: gardening bees during semester; workshops; and social events (which often involve their harvests).

The Patch is always open, so feel free to water or do some weeding if it takes your fancy.

The Sweetest Moment
Products: Vegan, gluten free, sugar free cakes, muffins, biscuits and pastries
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Hampton Park (Casey)
Notes (in their own words):

All products are freshly made in a home-registered kitchen with professional standards. The Sweetest Moment provides an alternative healthy choice for people wishing to eat good quality gluten free products. With many years of expertise in the baking industry, their aim is to provide good quality homemade patisserie products that satisfy and tantalise the taste-buds of those who try our products. Also, a lot of their products are mainly gluten-free as they feel there is a need to provide for those seeking alternative health diet.

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Thrive Food Swap
When: 3rd Saturday of the month, 2-3pm
Township/Suburb: Diamond Creek
Notes (in their own words):

There is a community garden at the location.

Thrive, Diamond Creek
Township/Suburb: Diamond Creek
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is membership based. Membership is $20 annually for a whole family or $10 for a single person.

Thrive community garden is on a 1 acre block that has long been vacant due to the fact that it lies in a flood plain. While there is always the risk of further flooding, the soil is rich and ideal for growing. It was started in 2014.

As of Spring 2016, there were garlic, leeks, celery, silver beet and rainbow chard, snow peas, broad beans and various herbs, all doing well. There are around 30 fruit trees. There are also several large berry beds – boysens, raspberries and strawberries, along with gooseberries, black and red currants. Lavenders and calendulas, along with a wild flower bed, have been planted to attract bees and add more colour.

There is someone working at the community garden every Saturday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm, and on various days during the week. Everyone is welcome to come down and help out, and to take some of the crops that are growing there. It is a garden for all residents of Diamond Creek.

A food swap is held at the garden on the third Saturday of every month, 2-3pm.

Thriving Foods Farm
Products: A wide range of vegetables. Also, eggs.
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Koo Wee Rup (Cardinia)
Notes (in their own words):

Thriving Foods Farm is a small poly intensive farm which uses a combination of organic and permaculture farming techniques. They are chemical free. Their produce includes: beetroot, cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, broccoli, kale, leeks, lettuce (cos, green and red frilly), onions, parsley, pumpkins, radishes, silverbeet, spring onions, tomatoes and zucchini. They also sell eggs, where their chickens are pasture fed with a very low stocking density (10 birds per hectare).

Name: Tonemade
Products: Beef bone broth and jus
Certified Organic ingredients
Local outlets: Online
ACME Clinic, Montmorency
Synergy Fitness & Wellbeing, Templestowe
Township/Suburb: Inverloch (Bass Coast)
Notes (in their own words):

Tonemade's broth is a nutritious and delicious way to promote good gut health, boost your immunity and nourish your joints. It is available in both liquid and dehydrated forms. The meat, vegetable and spice ingredients are all Certified Organic. Tonemade simmer their broth for 48 hours to create a natural and readily absorbed source of minerals and amino acids. Medicinal ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and cinnamon not only add to the potential healing properties but also contribute to the taste.

Top Hundred Acres
Products: Eggs (certified Free Range by FRFA).
FRFA Free Range certification
Local outlets: Farm gate - Friday & Saturday, 9am-5pm.
Health Bar Melbourne, Research
Township/Suburb: Yan Yean
Notes (in their own words):

Top Hundred Acres' produce is nurtured from the ground up using sustainable, chemically-free farming practices. They supply pastured eggs and garlic fresh from their farm to local stores, cafes, restaurants, caterers and direct to you.

Their eggs are certified by the Free Range Farmers Association. In line with this: their hens (around 1,000 in number) are not de-beaked or wing clipped; their stocking density is less than 700 birds per hectare; they are fed natural grains (no yolk dye or meat meal); and they are rotated to fresh pasture (using portable sheds and fencing).

Situated in the heart of the Plenty Valley, Top Hundred Acres' farm has been in the family for three generations and counting. They are passionate about producing food that is healthy, delicious and sustainable and they try to inspire the local community to think about where their food comes from.

Triple G Community Garden
Township/Suburb: Epping
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is membership-based, but membership is free. Current membership is 6 people.

The garden is a creative place where people come together to grow fresh food, share, learn, relax and enjoy each other's company. The garden's core values are respect, honesty, integrity, inclusivity and creativity.

Turners Bakehouse Eatery
Products: Sourdough bread, pies, cakes and pastries
Local outlets: Own shop - 7 days a week
Township/Suburb: Mernda
Notes (in their own words):

Turners Bakehouse Eatery is a historic bakery offering authentic sourdough breads, pies, cakes and pastries baked in its traditional wood fired Scotch oven that was built in the late 1890's by Charles & Stephenson Turner. After being closed in the 1940’s and left vacant for many years, the bakery has been lovingly restored. Their signature hand-made sourdough is made with a mother culture of wild natural yeast that is over 100 years old and which is fed and cared for daily. Ask for a tour of the bakery.