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PowerHouse Cheese
Products: Camembert and blue style cheeses
Blackburn Station Craft Market
Marco’s Deli Cafe Foodstore, Blackburn
Treasures and Tastes @ Trinity
Township/Suburb: Blackburn
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PowerHouse Cheese make cheeses in the French styles of Camembert and Blue. Their particular cheeses are: Whitehorse White (a Camembert), Ash Brie, Albino Blue, Boronia Blue (a blue mould cheese with an intense flavour) and Blackburn Blue (a creamy blue mould cheese). PowerHouse Cheese’s owner, Barbara Power, was previously a microbiologist and she draws on this experience to experiment with, and cultivate, unique flavour profiles.

Their milk and cream comes from St Davids Dairy in Fitzroy. The cheeses are all classified as vegetarian as they use microbial produced rennet.

That’s Amore Cheese
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Products: Italian-style soft curd cheeses, including mozzarella, caciotta, bocconcini, ricotta, smoked cheese and matured cheese
Local outlets: Own shop.
Local outlets: Eltham Deli
IGA Gervasi Thomastown
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Kew
Psarakos Market, Bundoora
Terra Madre, Northcote
Toscano’s Kew
Township/Suburb: Thomastown
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That’s Amore Cheese cheeses are made using cow or buffalo milk locally sourced in Victoria.

Giorgio Linguanti grew up in Italy and migrated to Australia in 2004. Without a word of English, he got a job in a cheese factory where his interest and passion for making cheese ignited. After his experience in two different cheese factories, Giorgio started his own business, That’s Amore Cheese, in 2008. He began with just one product – bocconcini leaf – but was soon also making burrata and smoked scarmorza. In 2010, That’s Amore Cheese took over Donnybrook’s cheese factory and, in 2015, they moved into a larger facility in Thomastown, which includes a retail outlet.

In their shop/deli, you can find their entire artisan cheese product range made daily in their factory right next door, along with high quality Italian cured meats, olives, local, other cheeses (local and imported), Italian products and fresh bread. You can get ricotta calda (hot ricotta) until 10 am every day. There is also a little cafe where you can enjoy coffee, porchetta, pasta, gnocchi, pizza and different kinds of hot dishes (or take away).

The Cheese Rebels
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Products: Soft cheeses
Local outlets: Own shop
Township/Suburb: St Andrews
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The Cheese Rebels both make cheese and sell cheese. Their shop is in St Andrews and their factory is in Epping.

The cheeses that they make include triple cream brie, triple cream blue, goat feta and blue vein.

They sell a full range of cheeses in their shop but it is only open on Saturdays. As well as the cheeses themselves, they also sell ready-to-eat cheese platters.

Hajo has a Masters degree in cheesemaking and has been making cheese since he was a child. He worked for a variety of small and larger cheese and dairy companies before setting up his own company in 2018.

Wholemilk Continental Cheese Company
Products: Italian cheeses: pecorino, parmesan, provole, mozzarella, ricotta and more
Local outlets: Own shop
Deli Delitz, Bulleen
Ivanhoe Pasta Deli
Superfruit Organic, Ivanhoe
The Pines Deli, Doncaster East
Tunstall Deli, Doncaster East
Township/Suburb: Heidelberg West
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Also known as Marca Trinacria or Pannuzzo Cheese.

Mr and Mrs Pannuzzo started making cheese themselves in Diamond Creek when they couldn’t find good quality Italian style cheese and so Wholemilk Continental Cheese was founded. With 60 years’ experience the family, now in its third generation, is dedicated to producing a 100% natural product, free from artificial additives and preservatives, giving you the best quality products made from only the best ingredients, with the greatest reward being returning customers.

Yarra Valley Dairy
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Products: Soft style cheeses, both cow and goat
Local outlets: Own shop
Croydon Brewery
IGA Yarra Glen
Jefferies, Croydon Hills
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Lettuce Inn, Hurstbridge
Mitcham IGA X-press
Paul’s SUPA IGA, Ringwood East
Wandin Valley Produce
Local brands sold: Unforgettable Products
Cunliffe & Waters
Hurstbridge Deli & Larder
Township/Suburb: Yering
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Most of Yarra Valley Dairy’s cheeses are fresh, soft style cheeses made in a style that reflects the farmhouse cheese of France and Italy, although their mature cheeses have also become an important part of their range. The cheeses are made from cow’s milk from nearby Yarra Valley dairy farms and goat’s milk from Gippsland.

All of their cheeses are available for purchase in their Cheese Shop, alongside a range of carefully selected regional produce and local wines. Cheese plates, together with locally baked fresh breads and various regionally produced charcuterie items, are also available to purchase and eat in. The Cheese Shop is open 10.30am-5:00pm every day (except Christmas Day), and is located in a 100 year-old milking shed with beautiful views of the Yarra Valley. You can also view the making of the cheese through a viewing window.