Eggs & Chickens

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Belleview Farm
Products: Eggs
Local outlets: Farm gate – Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5pm.
Kinglake Produce and Artisan Market
Township/Suburb: Park Orchards
Notes (in their own words):

Located on a scenic hillside with a beautiful view, Belleview Farm is a small boutique farm selling free range eggs. Their birds are raised and tendered to on the farm and Belleview Farm takes pride in their welfare. They ensure that the birds are fed a nutritious, vitamin-enriched diet including seeds, grains and canola. The farm is pesticide-free and chemical-free.

Doreen Egg Farm
Products: Free range eggs and Hyline Brown chickens
Local outlets: Own shop – Monday, 9am – 4pm; Thursday, 9am – 3pm; Saturday, 10am – 1pm
Local Fine Foods, Diamond Creek
Local brands sold: Maya 'Xala Honey
Township/Suburb: Doreen
Notes (in their own words):

Doreen Egg Farm sell a range of free range and farm fresh eggs to the local community from their shop premises in Doreen. Eggs are available in packs of 12 or 25.

Live Hyline Brown chickens are available for sale for locals who would like to set up a chicken coop.

Top Hundred Acres
Products: Eggs (certified Free Range by FRFA).
FRFA Free Range certification
Local outlets: Farm gate – Friday & Saturday, 9am-5pm.
Health Bar Melbourne, Research
Township/Suburb: Yan Yean
Notes (in their own words):

Top Hundred Acres’ produce is nurtured from the ground up using sustainable, chemically-free farming practices. They supply pastured eggs and garlic fresh from their farm to local stores, cafes, restaurants, caterers and direct to you.

Their eggs are certified by the Free Range Farmers Association. In line with this: their hens (around 1,000 in number) are not de-beaked or wing clipped; their stocking density is less than 700 birds per hectare; they are fed natural grains (no yolk dye or meat meal); and they are rotated to fresh pasture (using portable sheds and fencing).

Situated in the heart of the Plenty Valley, Top Hundred Acres’ farm has been in the family for three generations and counting. They are passionate about producing food that is healthy, delicious and sustainable and they try to inspire the local community to think about where their food comes from.

Yummy Gardens
Products: A range of both cross bred and pure bred chickens
Local outlets: Farm gate (by appointment)
Township/Suburb: St Andrews
Notes (in their own words):

A range of both cross bred and pure bred chooks are available for sale from point of lay. Availability will vary depending on the time of year. The cross breeds include Australorp x New Hampshire, Australorp x Leghorn, New Hampshire x White Leghorn and New Hampshire x Rhode Island Red. The pure breeds include Australorps, Silky Bantams, Buff Cochins and French Wheaten Marans.

Yummy Gardens also design and build chook houses to suit your requirements. And they can supply other accessories as well as free advice.