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A Local Baker St Andrews
Organic sourdough bread plus some cakes and savouries
Own shop – Thursday to Saturday
Ange’s Fresh Fruit & Veg, Kinglake
Bridge 2 Eden, Hurstbridge
Kinglake Pub and Pantry
Rosewood Cottage, Kinglake
The Roundabout Cafe, Warrandyte
St Andrews

A Little Baker St Andrews produces traditional handmade organic sourdough breads plus a range of artisan croissants, cakes and savouries, all baked in a wood-fired oven. The process includes resting the dough for a minimum of 6 hours from mixing to baking, with this resting time giving the bread a unique flavour and texture and making it easily digestible. All the breads are both yeast and preservative free, using the Lactobacillus bacteria for fermentation. Local ingredients are used where possible, including: berries from Kinglake, honey from Hurstbridge, citrus fruits, mushrooms and olive oil.

Now a cafe as well as a bakery.

Alberto’s Delicacies
Pestos, pasta, gnocchi, antipasto and pasta sauces
Eltham Farmers' Market
Yarra Glen Racecourse Market

Alberto’s Delicacies use old family recipes and have been servicing small markets for around 12 years.

Alot of Good Stuff
Preserves, biscuits and loaves
Own shop (Tuesday to Saturday).

Alot of Good Stuff’s preserves, biscuits and loaves are all made from locally-sourced produce and high quality ingredients. They are handmade in small batches to assure peak freshness and maintain quality. They include gluten-free options.

Australian Harvest / Bio Grape
Certified organic horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and BIO-GRAPE fruit pastes
Certified Organic

Certified Organic, award-winning, handmade gourmet foods that not only taste great but are also good for you. Horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and a range of four Panforte di Australia (quince, sambucca, ginger, siena). BIO-GRAPE range of delicious fruit pastes to serve with cheese, red wine, and chilli sauce. They are a family business, with only family members working in the business, who have been hand making certified organic and functional foods for over 25 years under their AUSTRALIAN HARVEST ORGANICS and BIO-GRAPE Brands.

AVS Organic Foods
Vegan products: non-dairy cheese and cream, sauces, pies, black salt and pet treats
Aunt Maggies, Carlton
Aunt Maggies, Fitzroy
Best of Health, Greensborough
Eastfield Organic Natural Food Market, Croydon South
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Kew
Local Fine Foods, Diamond Creek
Naturally On High, Thornbury
Quintons SUPA IGA, Warrandyte
Sculli Brothers, Greensborough
Terra Madre, Northcote
The Cruelty Free Shop, Fitzroy
Vegan mini market, Abbotsford
Wholefood Merchants, Greensborough
Wild Things Food, Fitzroy North
Watsonia North

AVS Organic Foods (formally A Vegan Smiles) aims to create and provide tasty foods that are free from animal cruelty.

AVS focuses on non-dairy cheeses using different techniques that include culturing, ageing and fermenting. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy vegan cheese.

AVS is a strong advocate for animal welfare and was founded on a desire to educate non-vegans that foods can taste great (even better without animal products), coupled with the frustration of the limitation in purchasing vegan-friendly or dairy-free products when out with family and friends.

Bee Rescue – Heidi Honey Hurstbridge
Raw honey, creamed honey and honeycomb. Hay fever, sinus and pollen asthma remedy. Chai tea and bees wax candles.
Farm gate honesty box (during daylight hours only)
The Fitzroy Mills Market

Their honey is unheated and is without added rice or corn syrup. Seasonal varieties may include Grey Box, Messmate, Yellow Box, Red Gum and Manna Gum. The honey comes from hives which are migrated from Eltham and around the Green Belt, Yarra Valley to central Victoria, plus honey from rescued hives across Melbourne.

They also offer creamed honey, honeycomb, and a highly sought after local honey remedy for hay fever, sinus and pollen related asthma (see testimonials). Plus chai tea and bees wax candles.

Finally, as Bee Rescue, they also rescue bees across Melbourne from pest controllers.

Benny’s Berries
Strawberries and jams
Croydon Farmers’ Market
Colonial Fruit Company, Forest Hill
Toscano’s Kew

Benny’s Berries are well known for their fresh strawberries. In addition, their jams include blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, mixed berry and spiced fig with pear and walnut. These jams are cooked in small batches ensuring minimal cooking times, enhancing the fullest flavours and colours. They are made from a traditional classic family recipe using all natural ingredients sourced from the Yarra Valley. The philosophy is to keep it simple (only 3 ingredients are used) and natural, the way our grandmas use to make it.

Billy van Creamy
Gelato and sorbet
Own shop
Various festivals and community events
Fitzroy North

Billy van Creamy’s ice cream is made with a simple philosophy. It is based on the idea of home style cooking. The creaminess doesn’t come from any secret ingredients, synthetic stabilisers or emulsifiers, or in fact anything that you wouldn’t find in a regular pantry at home; rather, it simply comes from balanced recipes made with organic milk, fresh cream, raw sugar and free range egg yolks. They make everything from scratch using real, whole ingredients. This means roasting and grinding organic nuts, making honeycomb, jams, coulis, caramels in their own kitchen. Their aim is to bring people the childhood joy of eating ice cream but with some adult sophistication in flavours that aren’t based on the body’s reaction to sugar, rather the perfect balance of flavour and texture.

Billy van Creamy are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, which is why they use as much recycled or recyclable packaging as they can. They support organic and ethical farming to reduce the impact that their supply chain has on the environment. They also support the local art and culture scene, which is where the art in their shop comes from.

Blake + Fables
Cakes and pies – ordered online and delivered
Eltham Twilight Market
Heide Makers’ Market, Bulleen
The Makers and Shakers Market, Coburg
Lower Templestowe

Blake + Fables is an online cake, pie + treat delivery service. Offering a selection of flavours each week, and free delivery to your door, they make it easy for you to enjoy cake every day or to brighten someone else’s day with one. Each one of their cakes or pies serves 10-12 people, which not only makes them perfect to share with your colleagues at work or to take to a dinner party, but also means they cost less than $5 per person. They source their ingredients from Victorian growers whenever possible.

Blossom’s Organics
Spices, herb, seed blends, chai, dukkah and relish made from Certified Organic ingredients
Certified Organic ingredients
Eastfield Organic Natural Food Market, Croydon South
Go Vita, Doncaster
Harvest Food Store, Fairfield
Health Food Thyme, Croydon
Jefferies, Croydon Hills
Kew Organics
Rhubarb Rhubarb Organics, Preston
Superfruit Organic, Ivanhoe
Village Greens, Yarra Junction
Wholefood Merchants, Greensborough
Yering Station Produce Store/Winery, Yarra Glen

Internationally inspired gourmet blends made with Certified Organic ingredients, including curries, dukkah, relish and chai. No added colours, flavours, preservatives, GMO free, gluten-free, vegan friendly.

Blue Pear Pantry
Savoury rolls
Aumanns at Warrandyte
Eaglemont Foodsmiths
FoodWorks Research
Jefferies, Croydon Hills
Mt Evelyn SUPA IGA
Park Orchards Cellars
Providence Melbourne, Surrey Hills
Quintons SUPA IGA, Warrandyte
Ritchies SUPA IGA Diamond Creek
Riverview Cafe, Warrandyte
Rose St Pantry, Fitzroy
Two Doors Cafe, Templestowe
North Warrandyte

Blue Pear Pantry sell savoury rolls: sausage rolls, Thai chicken rolls and vegan rolls. They strive to use grass fed and free range meats in their rolls. Together with their homemade Thai curry paste, each roll is individually handmade in their home kitchen.

They pride themselves on supporting other local businesses. From graphic design and stationery to suppliers and producers, they choose to use local business.

Blue Pear Pantry have devised a range of fundraising options for kindergartens, schools and sporting clubs, with a particular emphasis on accommodating for allergens so that everyone can participate. Fill in the application on their website for more details.

Caffe Strada
Gluten-free breads, cakes and pastries
Own shop
Bitter Sweet Cafe, Ivanhoe East
Jefferies, Croydon Hills
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Max’s Burger Bar, Montmorency
Pro-Health, Eltham
The Burger Lounge, Eltham
Were Street Foodstore, Montmorency

Caffe Strada makes a wide range of gluten free bread, which is available from both its own shop in Ivanhoe and a variety of other outlets in nearby suburbs.

Caffe Strada is also a cafe which focuses on producing healthy, flavoursome gluten-free food. The cafe is a 100% gluten-free environment and they bake all of their products. Their homemade sausage rolls are fructose-free.

Finally, Caffe Strada provides catering, with the options including finger food, sandwiches, salads, savouries and sweets. Read their catering menus.

Charmain’s Handmade Chocolates
Handmade chocolates
The Roundabout Cafe, Warrandyte

A unique range of handmade chocolates using only the finest imported Belgian couverture chocolate in milk, dark and white.

Chef’s Fine Food
Pies, pates, terrines, pesto, tapenade and relishes
Own shop – Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm (recommend that you call first)
Eltham Gourmet Poultry

Using locally-sourced, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken from the Yarra Valley, Erin and David Turnley have built a solid reputation over the last 10 years as producing some of the best family gourmet pies in the region. Their pie range includes chunky beef, chicken, scallop, roast vegetable and apple. At the local markets that they frequent, you can also sample their array of pates which includes chicken, duck, salmon and venison. Basil and coriander pesto and duck and chicken terrines are also available for sale. All ingredients are sourced locally, with grass-fed beef, and chicken, duck and venison which is free range and hormone free.

Chocolatier Australia
Affordable, premium, luxury chocolate
Own shop
Heidelberg West

Chocolatier Australia make a wide range of affordable premium luxury chocolate, loose, seasonal and boxed. Their full range can be purchased from their shop in Ivanhoe but can also be found in major retail outlets across Australia, 5 star hotels, major international airlines, major sporting events and corporate hospitality venues. They also offer personalised chocolates for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other social occasion.

Chocolatier Australia is one of a small group of Australian manufacturers who are licensed under the Fairtrade Labelling Organization of Australia and New Zealand. Fairtrade is an alternative model of international trade which aims to share the benefits of trade more equitably between consumers, producers and the environment. Their Fairtrade range currently comprises 2 gift boxes in milk and dark Chocolate and 2 Easter eggs in milk and dark chocolate. For more information about Fairtrade please visit

Cocoa Rhapsody
Chocolate (some Certified Organic, some vegan friendly)
Certified Organic

Cocoa Rhapsody sells Certified Organic chocolate, with much of the range also being vegan friendly. There are a wide range of flavours, including nectarines, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, walnut, kiwifruit and peach. The cocoa beans are processed to a conch time of 72 hours to produce a smooth, silky textured chocolate (conching is essentially the grinding of the cocoa beans – the longer the conch time the smoother the chocolate).

The chocolate is made using organic, fair trade, cocoa beans grown in the natural rainforest environment in the Dominican Republic, where the farmers above the market price for their beans. They also receive a 2% royalty of all chocolate sold which is contributed directly to the ‘hand in hand’ fund for fair trade.

Curry Favour
Fresh Thai curry pastes
Coburg Farmers' Market

Curry Favour makes fresh, Thai curry pastes that are versatile, flavoursome and easy to use for the busy home cook. The pastes are free of both artificial and natural preservatives such as vinegar, sugar, oil and high amounts of salt. They include red, yellow (mildest) and green (hottest) curry pastes.

Eastaway Food Products
Jams, chutneys, cordials and jam drop biscuits
Eltham Farmers' Market

Eastaway Food Products make small batch jams, chutneys, cordials and jam drop biscuits. At markets, they also serve fresh sodas (made with the cordials) and sell gift boxes. They choose playful flavour combinations such as saffron & strawberry cordial and plum & rosemary jam.

Fritz Gelato
Gelato and sorbet
Own shop

Fritz Gelato sells low-fat, healthy, organic gelato. They currently provide 132 flavours of gelato and their range will continue to develop over time.

Get Chunked Chocolate
Eltham Farmers' Market
Yarra Glen Racecourse Market

Get Chunked Chocolate make a variety of chocolate, including: large freckles, mini freckles, various flavoured blocks, flavoured frogs, and hot chocolate packs.

Girl Made Chocolate
Vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, raw chocolate
Certified Organic ingredients
The Fitzroy Mills Market
The Food Repository, Fitzroy

Girl Made Chocolate produce handmade, raw chocolate blocks which are vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. They use Certified Organic ingredients. Their flavours include salty walnut, chilli, goji berry and mint. Their chocolate is healthy for both humans and the environment.

Gourmet Pies
Yarra Glen Racecourse Market

Everyone loves a good pie. You can get an average pie anywhere but a pie that surprises you with its complex flavour in a package so simple and familiar is rare. Gourmet Pies takes pride in its pies; quality ingredients and all handmade. The available pies include: beef and mushroom; beef burgundy; beef curry; chicken and mushroom; chunky steak; chunky steak and cheese; pulled lamb and caramalised onion; red lentil and ratatouille; scallop and saffron; tandoori chicken; traditional plain aussie pie; and vegetarian.

A wide range of organic healthy breads
Certified Organic ingredients
Own shop
Rhubarb Rhubarb Organics, Preston
Terra Madre, Northcote

For other local outlets, email them ( with your postcode.

Healthybake make a wide range of breads, mostly using Certified Organic ingredients and with all their products that being free from chemical contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metal residues etc. Their range includes both wheat-alternative and gluten-free that are suitable for people with wheat allergies, diabetes or people wishing to eat healthy and experience different foods. They bake with ancient grains including, spelt, khorasan, oat, millet, barley and rye, as well as superfood and FODMAP friendly breads.

Imbue Distillery
Fitzroy Cellars
Hop and Vine, Warrandyte
Liquorologist, Balwyn North
Lower Plenty Liquor
Northcote Bottleshop
Second Home, Eltham

Venues: Bowerbird Bar, Richmond; Craft Kitchen and Bar, Eltham; Fondata 1872, Kangaroo Ground; Jock & Eddie, Eltham; Little Black Pig & Sons, Heidelberg; Little Drop of Poison, Eltham; Mercer’s Restaurant, Eltham; Next Door Warrandyte Bar and Eatery; Platform 3095, Eltham; The Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood

Imbue Distillery are a husband and wife team that make hand-crafted gins and gin liquers imbued with stories (and flavours) relating to where they live (Nillumbik). They are not afraid to play with flavours and, for example, their first product was gin infused with dandelion, prickly pear, blackberry and fennel, all foraged from the local area. Over time, they plan to expand to other spirits and liqueurs. Together, founders Mel and Mick Sheard share 30 years’ experience in Melbourne’s food industry.

J.B. Shackleton’s
Marmalade, jellies, jams and luxury condiments
Balgownie Estate, Yarra Glen
Bee Sustainable, Brunswick
De Bortoli Wines, Dixons Creek
East Ivanhoe Grocers – Foodworks
Foodworks Wonga Park
Metropolitan Foods, Templestowe
Oakridge Wines, Coldstream
The Post Office, Wonga Park
Wonga Park

J.B. Shackleton’s make traditional homemade marmalade, jellies, jams and spreads using recipes handed down through their family for more than five generations. Specific products include marmalade (orange, tangelo, cumquat, lime, lemon, grapefruit), jellies (quince), jams (raspberry, boysenberry, blackberry), various honeys and panforte. Everything is made by hand, in small batches, using natural ingredients, and with all the fruit from Australia. Because they use fresh fruits, availability depends on what is in season.

J.B. Shackleton’s have won a host of international awards, including a Double Gold medal for the best Traditional Marmalade in the 2017 World’s Original Marmalade Competition in the UK (their winning marmalade was ‘Luxury Grapefruit Marmalade with a hint of Honey’, and this same marmalade was also awarded a Gold at the 2016 Australian Fine Food Awards). Their Lime marmalade won a gold medal in 2018. Their Breakfast, Tahiti Lime and and Grapefruit marmalades had previously won gold medals in 2012, 2014 and 2015. And their Orange with Grand Marnier marmalade, Cumquat marmalade, Lemon jelly and Orange won silver medals in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The company is one of the earliest to have made and sold marmalade in Melbourne, with the original shop being at 3 Elgin Street, Carlton in the 1880s. The business, however, began much earlier in the UK around 1780, probably making them one of the earliest ever makers of marmalade.

Juanita’s Kitchen
Mexican and West African sauces. Also, selected beverages.
Own shop
Casa Iberica Deli, Alphington
Casa Iberica Deli, Fitzroy
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Kew

All of Juanita’s products are vegan, with no preservatives, dairy, gluten or sugar. They include a range of Mexican sauces & salsas, West African sauces & marinades, and beverages (chai, hibiscus tea and a smoothie mix). Her aim is to share flavours and ingredient combinations that she has discovered, stumbled accross and loved over the years, producing products that are as close to home cooking as they can be.

Juanita also operates a cafe, the menu of which is designed around, and uses, the Juanita’s Kitchen products.

Just Picked
Apricots, berries, blood plums, nectarines, peaches and other fruit. Vegetables, herbs, chutneys, jams, tomato ketchup, cured fruit and spiced pears.
Farm gate (from December – August) – Saturdays, Sunday and public holidays
Bundoora Park Farmers’ Market
Yan Yean

December – August. Hans and Maria Hoffmann established this orchard and berry farm 20 years ago based on the concept that fruit, where ever possible, be grown locally, picked at its optimum stage of ripening, and be available directly to the public with minimal processing. They do not use insecticides, use organic fertilisers were possible and farm sustainably.

There is a direct outlet on site where a wide range of produce is available in season. The fruit includes apples, apricots, blackberries, blood plums, boysenberries, figs, mulberries, nectarines, peaches, pears and raspberries. The vegetables include beans, beetroot, corn, cucumbers, garlic, lettuce, onions, pumpkins, silverbeet, snowpeas, spinach, tomatoes, zucchinis and herbs. Many jams and preserves, chutneys and other delicacies are made in the commercial kitchen on the premises. Also situated on the property is a cafe where a delicious variety of smoothies, ice cream, gelaties, morning and afternoon teas with scones are available. Farm tours are available by appointment.

Kellybrook Winery
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernets, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Rosé, Shiraz, Apple Brandy and Tawny Port. Also, cider and beer.
Cellar door – Thursday to Monday, 10am-5pm (closed on Thursdays in Winter).
Call them (9722 1304) to find out if any sellers near you.
Yarra Glen Quality Meats
Cunliffe & Waters
Stone and Crow Cheese Company
Wonga Park

Kellybrook produces a range of wines, ciders (branded Kelly Brothers) and beers (branded Riders Brew Co.). Their wines include Shiraz, Cabernets, Pinot Noir, Rosé, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gewurztraminer, as well as Apple Brandy and Tawny Port. Their ciders include Sparkling, Apple and Pear. Their beers include Golden / Summer Ale, American Pale Ale and Porter.

Darren and Farley Kelly founded Kellybrook Winery in 1962, starting with cider and then moving onto wine in the 1970s. It was the first winery in the Yarra Valley to receive it’s Vigneron Licence and Cellar Door licence (1969) and it is one of the few wineries in the Yarra Valley still owned by the original family. Set amongst lush vineyards and historic gardens, the winery offers an authentic Yarra Valley tasting and working farm experience. A large range of wines, beers, ciders and local produce are available for tasting and sale. Picnics and grazing plates featuring local produce are also available all day. The gardens feature a 125-year-old oak tree which is listed with the National Trust, as well as roses, salvias and bulbs.

On the last Sunday of each month, ‘Sunday Sessions’ are held with live, local music from 1.30-4pm and hot food from the kitchen. Over the first weekend in May, there is the annual Kellybrook Cider Festival, soon to be in its 30th year.

Kooinda Boutique Brewery
A range of beers
Bottlemart Ivanhoe
Bottlemart Macleod Cellars
Cardamone Gourmet Supermarket, Fairfield
East Ivanhoe Grocers – Foodworks
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Kew
Lower Plenty Hotel Bottleshop
Lower Plenty IGA
Rosanna IGA
Sir Henry Barkly Hotel, Heidelberg
Southern Road Cellars, Heidelberg Heights
The Merri Clan, Preston
The Old Fire Station Cafe Gallery, Preston
The Olympic Hotel, Preston
Heidelberg West

Kooinda (an Aboriginal word meaning “happy place”) is a boutique brewery producing natural, unfiltered, unpasteurised, quality ales. After starting out as the first ever residentially-licensed brewery in Australia, it has recently expanded into a commercial brewery (using a production line apparatus once belonging to Mountain Goat) and now sells 8 different beers all-year round.

Kookaberry Strawberry Farm
Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, figs, persimmon. Jams, syrups and vinegars. Soup, berry pies and frozen berries.

Fresh strawberries available mid October to mid June, raspberries available December to June, blackberries available from late December to mid March, and boysenberries and logonberries available in season. Fresh, hot homemade soup, frozen berries and award-winning homemade jams and syrups available all year. The soup is organic, Vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Most of the berries are spray-free.

Kylie’s Slow Dough
Organic artisan bread
Own shop
Carlton North

For Kylie, making bread is about lifestyle. Bringing quality ingredients to life with wild yeast culture, time and love, is a magical and immensely satisfying process. Shaping into loaves, setting to rise then baking where it springs to a golden nutritious food brings her great pleasure. Then selling the product: watching people’s eyes light up at the sight and smell of home baked bread. Handing over the bread and knowing it will be eaten with pleasure, alone or shared with friends and family, bread is the stuff of life.

Love Is Coffee
Four different coffees
Certified Organic ingredients
Eltham Farmers' Market
Diamond Creek

Love Is Coffee sells four different coffees: Ethiopian, Nicaraguan, Peruvian and Timorean. The coffee can be bought as either roasted beans or as ground coffee. The coffee is roasted on the day of the market using Certified Organic, fair trade coffee beans.

Magic Muesli
Muesli and porridge
Fitzroy North

Each ingredient in Magic Muesli’s muesli and porridge is selected for the important role that it plays in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Oats and psyllium are a good source of dietary fibre. Goji berries contain antioxidants and cranberries contain vitamin C. Ground linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds release the good fatty acids and whole linseeds aid digestion. Walnuts and chia seeds provide essential omega-3. And almonds, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, sesame seeds and currants add goodness. The muesli is not toasted and contains no added sugar, no syrups, no juice, no added fats, and no preservatives – just raw and natural.

Mama Bakes Naturally
Gingerbread men, chocolate chip cookies and sweet & savoury bites
Eastfield Organic Natural Food Market, Croydon South
Ringwood East

Mama Bakes Naturally makes allergy-friendly hand-made treats which are completely free from gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, refined sugar, GMOs or any artificial ingredients.

Vegan chocolate treats
Certified Organic ingredients
East Elevation, Brunswick East
Hoppa & Joe, Fairfield
Little Woodpecker, Blackburn North
One Plus Piece Cafe, Balwyn
Wild Things Food, Fitzroy North

Manuko make a range of chocolate slices and truffles, stocked in select cafes and specialty retailers around Melbourne. All products are made from Certified Organic ingredients, and are raw, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and vegan. Their products have a two month shelf life when stored refrigerated.

Their slices include salted caramel, turkish delight, hazelnut ganache, otway walnut ganache, peanut crunch, matcha mint, choc jaffa and choc coconut. Their truffles include original, turkish delight and mint.

More Than A Mouthful
Pasta sauces and preserves
Bennetts Butchers, Canterbury
La Deliziosa, Balwyn East
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Mirabella’s of Doncaster
Pure Bread Bakery, Surrey Hills
Savouring Italy Continental Deli, North Balwyn
Signorelli Fresh, Balwyn
Surrey Hills

For many years since migrating from Italy in 1954, Renzo Bortot has been making his own pasta sauces for his own personal use. These were based on recipes and traditions from his homeland, subsequently refined for Australian ingredients and way of life. Today his daughter Vivien continues the tradition but has expanded it into this small business so that everyone can have access to the luscious pasta sauces. More Than a Mouthful commenced in 2004 and aims to produce the best tomato pasta sauces on the market using quality and only natural ingredients.

The pasta sauces include tomato & basil, tomato & chilli, tomato & olive, tomato & pine nuts, tomato & roasted capsicum, tomato red wine & capers, and puttanesca. Other products include egg linguine, egg tagliatelle, lime marmalade, 3 citrus marmalade, lemon butter, passionfruit butter, spicy tomato sauce, Moroccan fig mazah and preserved lemons.

My Goosey Gander
Granola. Some baked goods.
Certified Organic ingredients
Earthbound Bolton, Eltham
Platform 3095, Eltham

My Goosey Gander currently focuses on making granola and some baked goods. The granola is made with all certified organic ingredients, lightly toasted and slightly sweetened with maple syrup and rice malt syrup. Mixed by hand and baked in small batches. The baked goods are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, using (where possible) locally sourced, certified organic and free range ingredients. In the future, it plans to offer other breakfast options for those with intolerances and alternative lifestyle choices (paleo etc).

Currently, the granola can be ordered online and the baked goods can be bought at Natural Food Market, Montmorency or Platform 3095, Eltham.

Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse
Apple and pear cider
Cellar door – open 7 days from 10am
Dan Murphy’s
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Low Buy Liquor, Lilydale
Purvis Wine Cellars, Surrey Hills
The Public Brewery, Croydon

The Napoleone family are third generation fruit growers. Their business Red Rich Fruits is one of the biggest producers in Victoria growing several varietes of apples, pears and stonefruit. Their first vineyard was planted in 1987, and the inaugural vintage of Punt Road Wines was in 2001. 2008 then saw the creation of Napoleone Cider and 2014 saw the birth of Napoleone Brewers.

All of Napoleone’s ciders are crafted onsite using estate-grown fruit, 100% fruit juice, no concentrates and no added sugars. The apple ciders use Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Fuji and Sundowner apples. The pear ciders use Beurre Bosc and Packham’s Triumph pears.

The beers include lager, pale ale and porter.

The cellar door is open 7 days from 10am and offers tasting paddles of beer and/or cider for $12. If you are just looking to chill out and have a few drinks, they also offer pots and pints too. Brewery tours are also available for $20 a head, which includes a tour and tasting which runs on Saturdays at 11am or by appointment.

Nee’s High Apple Pies
Apple pies and baked cheesecakes
Order by phone or email.
Kinglake Produce & Artisan Market
Whittlesea Monday Market
Apted's Orchards (apples)
Kinglake West

Anita makes individually handmade pies, crumbles and baked cheesecakes from her registered home kitchen. Made with love, passion from her to you. Being Australia’s first apple pie food truck, she has started a revolution! Bringing apple pies direct to you for your special event or function. Multiple award winner in the Australian Food Awards and The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition.

No Grainer
Grain-free bread and scrolls
Natural Food Market
Apples and Sage Organic Wholefoods, Balwyn
Aunt Maggies, Fitzroy
Chirnside Park Health & Wellbeing
Ivanhoe Health Store
La Manna Fresh, Brunswick
Organic Wholefoods, Brunswick
Pachamama Wholefoods, Brunswick
Rhubarb Rhubarb Organics, Preston
Terra Madre, Northcote
The Fitzroy Mills Market
Toscano’s Kew
Wholefood Merchants, Greensborough
Wild Things Food, Fitzroy North

No Grainer’s mission is to make the world’s best grain-free bread, which is also free of pseudo grains and starches. Their bread, which includes almond, loaf, mixed seed loaf and date, raisin & walnut loaf, is:

1.    Grain-free – the only flours used are made from almonds, coconuts & chia seeds so they are rich in both nutrients and healthy fats.

2.    Low carb – 80% lower in carbohydrates than regular whole wheat bread.

3.    Starch-free – whilst starches such as tapioca are technically grain-free, they are also highly refined, high in carbohydrates and will spike your blood sugars in the same way as regular white flour.

4.    100% paleo – the bread contains no dairy, pseudo grains, bean flours or gums. Rather than use bean-based gums to bind the bread, they use organic psyllium powder.