Community Garden

Links Community Garden Lalor
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is open to the public, with free membership (gold coin donation) and communal garden beds.

This is a new and developing community garden. The purpose of Links Community Garden Lalor is to foster community connections though the use of this space. It will include activities such as gardening, cooking, preserving, sustainability, sensory gardens, providing meals for those in need, upcycling, outdoor mothers or other social groups, eating or simply enjoying being in nature.

There are regular meetups at the garden, every Saturday, 10am-midday. All people of all ages are welcome, whether you’re a gardening wizard or don’t know a root from a branch.

Living & Learning Eltham Community Veggie Garden
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is membership based but membership is free.

The garden comprises several, large, raised beds. It is maintained by a group of volunteers who meet weekly on Thursdays, from 9-11.30am. New members are most welcome, whether you are an experienced gardener or absolute beginner. As well as growing fresh food to share or swap, you can also use the Living & Learning kitchen to make a meal from the harvest. Regular attendance is not required; rather, you can drop in when you like. You can join at any time and they just need you to register once.

Luscombe Street Community Garden
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is membership-based.

The garden caters for a wide range of abilities and has a number of membership-options. The idea behind the garden is to share knowledge and to learn from each other. There is a mixture of individual and communal plots that are maintained through monthly working bees. The people come together through their mutual love of growing and, if you become a member, you will have the opportunity to meet and share with like-minded individuals, it will save you money over the long term and you will have a positive environmental impact by turning waste into a resource. A committee, who are dedicated to maintaining its future, runs the garden.