Eltham Farmers' Market

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A Local Baker St Andrews
Products: Organic sourdough bread plus some cakes and savouries
Local outlets: Own shop – Thursday to Saturday
Ange’s Fresh Fruit & Veg, Kinglake
Bridge 2 Eden, Hurstbridge
Kinglake Pub and Pantry
Rosewood Cottage, Kinglake
The Roundabout Cafe, Warrandyte
Township/Suburb: St Andrews
Notes (in their own words):

A Little Baker St Andrews produces traditional handmade organic sourdough breads plus a range of artisan croissants, cakes and savouries, all baked in a wood-fired oven. The process includes resting the dough for a minimum of 6 hours from mixing to baking, with this resting time giving the bread a unique flavour and texture and making it easily digestible. All the breads are both yeast and preservative free, using the Lactobacillus bacteria for fermentation. Local ingredients are used where possible, including: berries from Kinglake, honey from Hurstbridge, citrus fruits, mushrooms and olive oil.

Now a cafe as well as a bakery.

A&G Handmade Biscuits
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Cranbourne North (Casey)
Notes (in their own words):

A&G’s biscuits and cannoli are freshly made on a weekly basis. They sell more than 20 differently flavoured biscuits of all sizes.

Alberto’s Delicacies
Products: Pestos, pasta, gnocchi, antipasto and pasta sauces
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Yarra Glen Racecourse Market
Township/Suburb: Preston
Notes (in their own words):

Alberto’s Delicacies use old family recipes and have been servicing small markets for around 12 years.

Alpine Walnuts
Products: Walnuts (including oil and flour), hazelnuts and chestnuts
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Bundoora Park Farmers’ Market
Township/Suburb: Eurobin (Alpine Shire)
Notes (in their own words):

Alpine Walnuts sell walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts. The walnuts are sold in their shells, shelled, green, as oil and as flour. The hazelnuts are sold in their shells and shelled. The walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts are all harvested around April and are then available until sold out; typically, this means that the walnuts and hazelnuts are available for most of the year, whilst the chestnuts are available until early Autumn.

Apted’s Orchards
Products: Apples and pears
Local outlets: Farm gate (both 864 Cottlesbridge-Strathewen Road, Arthurs Creek, 3099 and 1105 Whittlesea-Kinglake Road, Kinglake West, 3757).
Bolton Street Fruit Market, Eltham
Local Fine Foods, Diamond Creek
Township/Suburb: Arthurs Creek
Notes (in their own words):

Available February to November. Apted’s Orchards is a family owned company. It operates an orchard and grazing enterprise from Arthurs Creek and Kinglake West north east of Melbourne that has spanned 5 generations. The farm gate sales at 864 Cottlesbridge-Strathewen Road Arthurs Creek are proving very popular, with 2kg bags of apples straight from the bin – that is, unwaxed and unsorted. Farm gate sales also operate from 1105 Whittlesea-Kinglake Road, Kinglake West. Wholesale marketing is done through the associated Melbourne Pear Company which operates out of the Footscray Wholesale Market.

Arthurs Creek Garlic
Products: Garlic & chilli fusions and olive oils.
Local outlets: Online
A1 Bakery, Fairfield
Fairfield Delicatessen
Psarakos Market, Thornbury
Quintons SUPA IGA, Warrandyte
Renaissance SUPA IGA, Hawthorn
Township/Suburb: Arthurs Creek
Notes (in their own words):

Arthurs Creek Garlic was established in 2010 as a cooperative venture for the purpose of growing quality Australian garlic and and producing premium garlic and chilli food products. Unlike some imported garlic, their garlic is not fumigated or bleached. Rather, it is nurtured through its growing period with tender loving care to ensure intense flavour and superb looking and tasting garlic.

Their food products come from the same inspiration. They include: garlic & chilli fusion; garlic fusion; garlic & chilli extra virgin olive oil; garlic extra virgin olive oil; eggplant magic with garlic & chilli; and eggplant magic with garlic. The fusion is an old family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. The garlic in all of their products is grown at their farm in Arthurs Creek. Because of their belief in using the finest ingredients, they only use Australian chilli and extra virgin olive oil in their products.

“Grown from the earth, inspired by our heat, loved by our hands, adored by your tastebuds.”

Australian Harvest / Bio Grape
Products: Certified organic horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and BIO-GRAPE fruit pastes
Certified Organic
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Coldstream
Notes (in their own words):

Certified Organic, award-winning, handmade gourmet foods that not only taste great but are also good for you. Horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and a range of four Panforte di Australia (quince, sambucca, ginger, siena). BIO-GRAPE range of delicious fruit pastes to serve with cheese, red wine, and chilli sauce. They are a family business, with only family members working in the business, who have been hand making certified organic and functional foods for over 25 years under their AUSTRALIAN HARVEST ORGANICS and BIO-GRAPE Brands.

Balashi Flowers
Products: Cut flowers
Local outlets: Own shop, open 7 days a week.
Township/Suburb: Doreen
Notes (in their own words):

Balashi Flowers grow a variety of seasonal cut flowers all year round. These include roses, bravadia, celosia, delphine, ester, gerbera, gyp, lisianthus, lilies and stacie. In 2018, they sold around 250,000 bunches of flowers.

Bee Rescue – Heidi Honey Hurstbridge
Products: Raw honey, creamed honey and honeycomb. Hay fever, sinus and pollen asthma remedy. Chai tea and bees wax candles.
Local outlets: Farm gate honesty box (during daylight hours only)
The Fitzroy Mills Market
Township/Suburb: Hurstbridge
Notes (in their own words):

Their honey is unheated and is without added rice or corn syrup. Seasonal varieties may include Grey Box, Messmate, Yellow Box, Red Gum and Manna Gum. The honey comes from hives which are migrated from Eltham and around the Green Belt, Yarra Valley to central Victoria, plus honey from rescued hives across Melbourne.

They also offer creamed honey, honeycomb, and a highly sought after local honey remedy for hay fever, sinus and pollen related asthma (see testimonials). Plus chai tea and bees wax candles.

Finally, as Bee Rescue, they also rescue bees across Melbourne from pest controllers.

Beenak Farm
Products: Biodynamic kiwifruit (Heywood variety)
Township/Suburb: Hoddles Creek (Yarra Ranges)
Notes (in their own words):

Available June to September.

Beenak Farm is a small farm in the Yarra Valley with five acres of kiwifruit. It is certified as Biodynamic by NASAA. Since converting to the Biodynamic method of management in 2002, they have been selling their fruit through wholesale markets and, increasingly through farmers’ markets. They have been farming in this way for 35 years and are convinced that biodynamics is a sustainable way of growing food into the future. They like to tell their customers about kiwifruit and the way they are grown and regard farmers’ markets as the best way of communicating with them.

Belleview Farm
Products: Eggs
Local outlets: Farm gate – Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5pm.
Township/Suburb: Park Orchards
Notes (in their own words):

Located on a scenic hillside with a beautiful view, Belleview Farm is a small boutique farm selling free range eggs. Their birds are raised and tendered to on the farm and Belleview Farm takes pride in their welfare. They ensure that the birds are fed a nutritious, vitamin-enriched diet including seeds, grains and canola. The farm is pesticide-free and chemical-free.

Bello Kombucha
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Airport West
Notes (in their own words):

Bello Kombucha make three flavours of kombucha: original, raspberry and ginger.

Bimbimbi Farm
Products: Strawberries plus, sometimes, other fruit
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Barjarg (Mansfield)
Notes (in their own words):

Available November to May. Bimbimbi Farm grow strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, rockmelons and watermelons. They are chemical-free, use only certified organic products, and are currently going through Organic Certification. The fruit is picked when ready to eat, chilled, packed and sold.

Bizzy Beehive Australian Honey
Products: Honey
Local outlets: Online
Laurimar Quality Meats, Doreen
M n M Fruits, Coburg
Moxie Cafe, Whittlesea
The Flying Tarts Bakery, Kinglake West
Township/Suburb: Beveridge (Mitchell)
Notes (in their own words):

Bizzy Beehive sell raw, unpasteurised honey, including orange blossom and wildflower. The precise flavours of the raw honey depend on where the bees collect their nectar and pollen so every jar is distinctive.

Blue Bay Cheese
Products: Dairy products, including soft and hard cheeses, yoghurts and kefir
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Heathmont Farmers’ Market
Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Township/Suburb: Mornington (Mornington Peninsula)
Notes (in their own words):

Cheeses and yoghurts are made by hand following traditional family recipes, which have been continually improved over the years. No chemicals, no preservatives, non-animal rennet are used, and the cheeses are suitable for vegetarians. Cow’s milk produce: natural yoghurts and kefirs/probiotics, quark-soft cheese, bries and blues, hard cheeses/vintages – cheddar (tasty), romano, gruyere, tasty gouda, fettas. Goat’s milk produce: kefir, chevre, marinated fetta, haloumy, tasty cheese (caprino), chevre with dill.

Blue Pear Pantry
Products: Savoury rolls
Local outlets: Online
Aumanns at Warrandyte
Eaglemont Foodsmiths
FoodWorks Research
Jefferies, Croydon Hills
Mt Evelyn SUPA IGA
Park Orchards Cellars
Providence Melbourne, Surrey Hills
Quintons SUPA IGA, Warrandyte
Ritchies SUPA IGA Diamond Creek
Riverview Cafe, Warrandyte
Rose St Pantry, Fitzroy
Two Doors Cafe, Templestowe
Township/Suburb: North Warrandyte
Notes (in their own words):

Blue Pear Pantry sell savoury rolls: sausage rolls, Thai chicken rolls and vegan rolls. They strive to use grass fed and free range meats in their rolls. Together with their homemade Thai curry paste, each roll is individually handmade in their home kitchen.

They pride themselves on supporting other local businesses. From graphic design and stationery to suppliers and producers, they choose to use local business.

Blue Pear Pantry have devised a range of fundraising options for kindergartens, schools and sporting clubs, with a particular emphasis on accommodating for allergens so that everyone can participate. Fill in the application on their website for more details.

Boatshed Cheese
Products: Goat, cow, sheep and buffalo milk cheeses. Also vegan cheese.
Local outlets: Online
Boccaccio Cellars, Balwyn
Rose St Pantry, Fitzroy
Stir Crazy, Hawthorn
Two Tall Chefs, Fitzroy
Township/Suburb: Mount Martha (Mornington Peninsula)
Notes (in their own words):

BoatShed Cheese are makers of artisan cheese from cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk using traditional French methods. They never use animal rennet so vegetarians can be assured that their product is suitable for them.

Butt’s Gourmet Smokehouse
Products: Smoked meats and fish plus gravlax
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Albury (NSW)
Notes (in their own words):

Butt’s Gourmet Smokehouse are a small family business which is focussed on producing smoked meats and fish plus gravlax. Their smoked products include trout, trout pate, ham, bacon, kransky, kangaroo, lamb, beef/pastrami, chicken, eel, quail and turkey. Their pork & turkey are free range, their lamb & beef are pasture fed, their chicken & quail are barn raised, and their eel & kangaroo are wild caught. There are no ‘e’ numbers in any of their products and they use no artificial smokes, flavours or fillers.

The business started smoking fish in the 1970’s but started off life as a butchery in the 1930’s. They have kept the original open fired smoke ovens but also have a modern smoking oven capable of cold smoking. They use only river red gum as timber for their smoke.

Chef’s Fine Food
Products: Pies, pates, terrines, pesto, tapenade and relishes
Local outlets: Own shop – Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm (recommend that you call first)
Eltham Gourmet Poultry
Township/Suburb: Eltham
Notes (in their own words):

Using locally-sourced, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken from the Yarra Valley, Erin and David Turnley have built a solid reputation over the last 10 years as producing some of the best family gourmet pies in the region. Their pie range includes chunky beef, chicken, scallop, roast vegetable and apple. At the local markets that they frequent, you can also sample their array of pates which includes chicken, duck, salmon and venison. Basil and coriander pesto and duck and chicken terrines are also available for sale. All ingredients are sourced locally, with grass-fed beef, and chicken, duck and venison which is free range and hormone free.

Chiron Health
Certified Organic
Local outlets: Online
Chapkoun Pharmacy, Thomastown
Clifton Hill Pharmacy, Clifton Hill
Joe’s Organic Markets, Northcote
Miller Gilbert Pharmacy, Preston
Pharmacy Select, Mill Park
Sprout Health Store & Organic Grocer, Hawthorn
Takis & Kathy’s Christenings & Weddings, Northcote
Top of The Town Organics, Preston
Vasili’s Organics, Coburg
Township/Suburb: Seaford (Frankston)
Notes (in their own words):

Chiron Health’s products include: prickly pear oil; olive and cactus gel laundry powder; olive oil soaps; shampoo; talc free powder; St Johns oil; olive oil; herbal teas; fig jams and chutneys; peach and nectarine chutney; grape molasses; and cold press honey (olive tree blossom).

Chiron Health’s products are based on science, with formulas researched by Dr Natalie Alexopoulos. 99% of the ingredients are from their own certified organic farm. All the ingredients are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides and, because their products are made in small batches, each product is made as soon as the associated herbs have been picked.

Cloud Produce Asparagus
Products: Fresh asparagus
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Iona (Cardinia)
Notes (in their own words):

Cloud Produce Asparagus grow asparagus on the extremely fertile soils at our farm in the Koo Wee Rup area in West Gippsland. This area is synonymous with asparagus due to the Mediterranean climate and its rich dark soils. The farmer owner, James Terry, is a fourth generation producer from Northern Tasmania who grew up on a mixed cropping and livestock farm.

Crepe Collective
Products: Savoury galettes and sweet crepes
Local outlets: Coburg Farmers' Market
Notes (in their own words):

Crepe Collective make and sell ready-to-eat savoury galettes and sweet crepes at farmers’ markets. Their savoury galettes include potato, mushroom, capsicum, tomato and other vegetarian options. Their sweet crepes include lemon, choc-hazelnut, strawberry and banana.

All their batters, spreads and sauces are homemade and they use speciality flour, such as buckwheat, to cater for the gluten intolerant. They aim to leave as little a footprint as possible, so their menu is designed to avoid food wastage and their packaging is biodegradable.

Darraweit Valley Cider
Products: Cider
Local outlets: Online
Audacious Monk Cellars, Preston
Village Vineyard, Fitzroy North
Township/Suburb: Darraweit Guim (Macedon Ranges)
Notes (in their own words):

Depending on the season, Darraweit Valley Cider sell hopped apple cider, oaked apple cider and apple & pear cider. They know that, to make great cider, you need the right cider apples. They grow all the heritage apples that go in to their cider, blending them with fruits from other Victorian family orchards.

Doron Talmi Sweet-eez
Products: Mandarins and oranges
Township/Suburb: Colignan (Mildura)
Notes (in their own words):

Doron Talmi Sweet-eez is a 50 acre citrus farm which grows mandarins (including satsuma & imperial) and oranges (including blood, yellow, sweet-eez & summer gold). All products are sold at the farmers’ markets around Melbourne from April to October.

Dreaming Goat Dairy
Products: Goat cheeses
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Monegeetta (Macedon Ranges)
Notes (in their own words):

Dreaming Goat Dairy are a small scale dairy goat farm (24 goats) who make halloumi, chevre, marinated fetta, pressed chevre, yoghurt and labne. The goats are rotated to fresh pasture every week. The baby goats are kept with their mothers, with the males subsequently sent to a 600 acre free range meat farm.

Eastaway Food Products
Products: Jams, chutneys, cordials and jam drop biscuits
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Macleod
Notes (in their own words):

Eastaway Food Products make small batch jams, chutneys, cordials and jam drop biscuits. At markets, they also serve fresh sodas (made with the cordials) and sell gift boxes. They choose playful flavour combinations such as saffron & strawberry cordial and plum & rosemary jam.

Esme and Marj
Products: Cupcakes, macarons and brownies
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Briar Hill
Notes (in their own words):

Esme and Marj, named after the owner Rachel’s two nanna’s, makes cupcakes, macarons and brownies using quality ingredients like free range eggs, european butter & chocolate and lots more.

Farming For Change
Products: A range of summer vegetables
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Olinda (Yarra Ranges)
Notes (in their own words):

Farming For Change are a small bioponic (similar to hydroponic) farm that grows both heirloom and standard varieties of summer vegetables. These include basil, capsicum, cucumber, eggplant and tomato. All produce is spray-free. They are passionate about reducing their global footprint.

Fetch Me Treats Co.
Products: Dog treats
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Hawthorn Makers Market
Lilydale Marketplace
Tunstall Square
Township/Suburb: Kilsyth
Notes (in their own words):

Fetch Me Treats Co. make baked and dehydrated dog treats that are free from chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavours/colours. They use fresh, human grade and local ingredients.

For The Love Of Lamb
Products: Lamb and lamb bacon
Local outlets: Online
Kinglake Produce & Artisan Market
Township/Suburb: Lancefield (Macedon Ranges)
Notes (in their own words):

For the Love of Lamb is a 150 acre farm 85Km north of Melbourne. Their lambs are Australian White Marbled (wagyu style of lamb); the marbling renders during the cooking process and results in a sweet and tender experience. All their lambs are paddock raised and grass fed. They are Australia’s first producer of commercially available lamb bacon.

Freeland Pork
Products: Fresh and smoked pork cuts
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Rushworth (Campaspe)
Notes (in their own words):

Freeland Pork is a farrow-to-finish free range pig farm which prides itself in ethically raising its pigs and in engaging in sustainable farming practices. Its pigs are free to wallow and graze in a paddock/crop rotation. All pigs are fed a vegetarian-only grain mix and are free from hormones and meat meal. Its fresh and smoked pork cuts include: roasts, steaks, sausages, belly, cutlets, chops, mince, bacon, ham, smoked hocks and kabana.

Furkids Supreme
Products: Pet treats for cats and dogs
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Wantirna South
Notes (in their own words):

Furkids Supreme make treats for cats and dogs. Their products include carrot and chicken (or beef) sticks, sweet potato and chicken (or beef) sticks, beef sticks and dried chicken breast. There are no artificial flavours or preservatives, and there is no added sugar or salt.

Gembrook Potatoes
Products: Brushed potatoes: Nicola, Kipfler, Lady Jane, Dutch Cream and Sebago. Also pumpkins.
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Mount Burnett (Cardinia)
Notes (in their own words):

Both Elaine’s and Joe’s fathers were potato farmers and they themselves have been growing potatoes for 45 years. They supply freshly dug, good-eating potatoes.

Goulburn Valley Pork
Products: Pork
PROOF certification
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Harston (Greater Shepparton)
Notes (in their own words):

Goulburn Valley Pork believe in producing ethically-grown pork without compromise, with the welfare of their pigs paramount. The pigs live a free range life here on their 140 acre farm, where they have the space and freedom to behave with their natural instincts and socialise with their peers. The farm is both Certified PROOF (pasture raised on open fields) and Certified Free Range.

Their pork products include: leg of pork (on the bone), leg of pork (boned & rolled), boned rolled shoulder roast, whole shoulder (bone in), hand of pork , pork schnitzel, pork loin rack, rolled boneless pork loin , loin cutlets, forequarter chops, bacon, bacon speck (streaky bacon), pork belly, U.S. style spare ribs, leg of ham (on the bone), pork steak, pork tenderloin fillet, fresh pork knuckle, ham hock smoked, mince, sausages (3 varieties), pork cheeks, spare ribs and trotters.

Hand Made By Mario
Products: Pate
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Township/Suburb: Mount Eliza (Mornington Peninsula)
Notes (in their own words):

Hand Made By Mario make five pates: duck & port; plain chicken liver; chicken & pepper; chicken & orange; and chilli pate and a bramley apple & habanaro paste (spicy). The pates have no chemical preservatives and come in a reusable containers.

Happy Goats Travelling Coffee
Products: Coffee
Township/Suburb: Healesville
Notes (in their own words):

Happy Goats Travelling Coffee serve coffee from the back of a 1960s Morris Minor van. They use coffee from Proud Mary, a local coffee roaster in Melbourne, and milk from Schulz Organic Dairy.

Healthy D’Lights
Products: Bliss balls
Local outlets: Eltham Farmers' Market
Kinglake Produce & Artisan Market
Tembo Awakening Market, Hurstbridge
Vegan Market of Melbourne
Township/Suburb: Epping
Notes (in their own words):

Healthy D’Lights make vegan and gluten free bliss balls with no added sugar or preservatives. Ideal for kids lunch boxes, gym junkies, health conscious, diabetics, for weight loss or diet plans. Their flavours include chocolate coconut balls, cranberry pistachio, peanut butter, hemp & vanilla, lemon chia, apple pie and chai.

Hildebrand Grove
Products: Extra virgin and infused olive oil
Local outlets: Online
Township/Suburb: Cottles Bridge
Notes (in their own words):

Hildebrand Grove is a local, family-run olive grove in picturesque Cottles Bridge which has been quietly producing award-winning olive oil for ten years. Ann and David Strutt are in there at every stage of the process: tending the olive trees, harvesting and pressing the olives. The oil is produced from a blend of Corregiola and Frantoio olives and the end result – a flavoursome and award-winning extra virgin olive oil – has become a beloved staple in many local households. In addition to selling the plain extra virgin olive oil, Hildebrand Grove also produces a great range of infused oils. With a variety of tasty flavours, these are a sophisticated addition to any pantry and can be used in cooked dishes or to dress salads.

Ink-redible Calamari
Products: Calamari
Township/Suburb: Cranbourne West (Casey)
Notes (in their own words):

Ink-redible Calamari sell ready-to-eat salt and pepper calamari.

Italian Chef
Products: A variety of pastas. Sauces.
Blood Orange, Hawthorn
Continental Deli, Hawthorn
The Rathdown Village Deli, Carlton North
Township/Suburb: Brighton
Notes (in their own words):

Italian Chef makes a wide variety of pastas, including tagliatelle, ravioli, tortelli, gnocchi, lasagna and cannelloni. They also make napoli and meat ragu sauces. At markets, they also sell ready-to-eat ravioli and gnocchi.