PowerHouse Cheese
Camembert and blue style cheeses
Blackburn Station Craft Market
Marco’s Deli Cafe Foodstore, Blackburn
Treasures and Tastes @ Trinity
Notes (in their own words):

PowerHouse Cheese make cheeses in the French styles of Camembert and Blue. Their particular cheeses are: Whitehorse White (a Camembert), Ash Brie, Albino Blue, Boronia Blue (a blue mould cheese with an intense flavour) and Blackburn Blue (a creamy blue mould cheese). PowerHouse Cheese’s owner, Barbara Power, was previously a microbiologist and she draws on this experience to experiment with, and cultivate, unique flavour profiles.

Their milk and cream comes from St Davids Dairy in Fitzroy. The cheeses are all classified as vegetarian as they use microbial produced rennet.