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Yarra Valley Gateway Estate
Products: Capsicum, strawberries, basil, beef and wine
Local outlets: Own shop – open 7 days from 8.30am (9am Sundays) to 5.30pm.
Coldstream Dairy
Cunliffe & Waters
Montrose Meats & Smokehouse
Township/Suburb: Coldstream
Notes (in their own words):

Yarra Valley Gateway Estate grows strawberries, capsicums and basil, runs a small beef herd, and makes wine and strawberry products. The fruit and vegetables are grown in a 5,000 square metre high tech hydroponic greenhouse, which uses much less water than conventional growing methods. The strawberries are available for U-pick. The beef herd is Angus cattle which are grass-fed and free of any hormones or growth stimulants; all regular cuts are available and they are also happy to cut to order. Their wines (Pinot Noir and Shiraz) are made from their own grapes. Finally, their strawberry products include liqueur, port and cream.

As well as their own produce, Gateway Estate sells a range of fruit, vegetables, pies, chutneys and jams at their farmgate, all grown or made in the Yarra Valley.

Next to the farmgate, there is a cafe where they sell cold drinks, local organic tea or coffee and local handmade cakes and biscuits.

Yarra Valley Gourmet Greenhouse
Products: Heirloom tomatoes
Local outlets: Farm gate (by appointment)
Township/Suburb: Mt Evelyn
Notes (in their own words):

Available late December to March, Yarra Valley Gourmet Greenhouse specialises in heirloom tomatoes. Summer also heralds their Italian zucchini flowers, generally available from mid November to early April. Other vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are available seasonally. Almost 3 acres of multi-span igloos enable an extended growing season, and afford protection from destructive weather events such as frost or hail. Yarra Valley Gourmet Greenhouse supplies and delivers to local restaurants. Produce is also available direct from the farm (by appointment only).

Sustainability is a driving force in the business. Cultivation and hand-weeding are practised rather than spraying herbicides. Similarly, biological controls and certified organic sprays are employed for pest and disease issues to avoid the use of harsh chemicals. All of our crops are harvested by hand, and cultivation is kept to a minimum, as constant traffic from heavy machinery can cause soil compaction and structural problems. Natural seaweed extracts, delivered via fertigation, boost the health of the plants by supporting soil ecology. The overhead irrigation has gradually been replaced by drip tape, which reduces water usage.