Jul 022010

Dahl is the Hindi (Indian language) word for lentil.

Serves 2-3.


½ cup mung beans (use any other lentil – green lentil, red lentil black lentil)
2 teaspoons cumin
1 teaspoon red chilli powder (optional)
2 teaspoons turmeric
3-4 cloves
2 teaspoons salt, according to taste
2 cups fresh leafy veggies chopped (spinach, kale, silverbeet, bok choy, mustard greens, beetroot greens, etc.)
1 teaspoon garam masala

1 cup onions, diced
2 cups tomatoes, diced
2 green chillies
1 tablespoon ginger, finely chopped
4-5 garlic cloves
veggies – potatoes, okra, bottle gourd, beans, corns, peas
1 lemon


Heat 1 tablespoon of oil. When the oil is hot, add the cumin and red chilli powder. Make sure you don’t burn the spices. Add water quickly. Add the lentils. Add the veggies, turmeric and salt. Add other veggies if you want.

Pressure cook on medium heat in a pressure cooker until it whistles or for 10 minutes. If not using a pressure cooker, boil until the lentil is soft and mushy.

Add the garam masala.

Squeeze fresh lemon (optional, lemon goes really well with some of the lentils) and add fresh coriander.


Vasundhara Kandpal

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