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about 85g young nettles
1 onion, diced
350g diced potato
1 teaspoon butter
1½ litre stock
1 teaspoon mixed fresh sage, marjoram or basil
2 teaspoons milk powder or cream if you have it
butter, to serve (optional)
grated cheese to serve


Pick the nettles using gloves, wash well and shake off excess water. Place in a saucepan with a little water and cook till tender. Allow to cool, then chop up.

Saute the onion and potato in butter until golden and add the stock.

Simmer till cooked, add nettles and other herbs. Simmer again for 15 minutes. Allow to stand in a warm place for a while. Blend in the milk or cream and serve dotted with butter or grated cheese.


Many fruit, leaves and herbs are suitable to make jellies, using a similar recipe to the one above. In autumn you may like to make parsley, scented geranium leaf, apple, quince or feijoa jellies. In Spring try mint jelly and in Summer lilly pilly or red currant jellies.


Jo Douglas

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