Jun 282012

I hear that it is olive picking time and hence an opportunity to preserve some olives. Diamond Creek Food Swap group have been doing that this past week!

It is also a good time for homemade broths and other delicious soups, as well as homemade bread, warming stews and fruit crumbles! Check the Montmorency Food Swap for more on this.
I will start to post the LFC weekly news as a blog entry here on the LFC site, and in a few weeks time people will be able to subscribe directly, instead of receiving the news via email.
LFC membership renewals are due shortly. For anyone wishing to renew or become a member of LFC they can do so by sending a request to info@localfoodconnect.org.au.

Local food events

JULY 3,4,5 Children’s cooking classes at Eltham Hospitality and viticulture training centre, Eltham College.

JULY 14 and 29. Fruit tree pruning workshops at Edendale Farm. For bookings, telephone Living & Learning Nillumbik on 9433 3744

Food discussions/planning

Michael Pollan at Melbourne Town Hall, 7pm Sunday 8 July
In all the complex contemporary debates around food, Michael Pollan’s advice is as simple as it is revolutionary: `Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants’. In his bestselling calls-to-arms, In Defence of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, he applies his omnivorous mind to the politics and pleasures of eating. In his talk, Michael Pollan will explore what the industrialisation of food and agriculture has meant for our health and happiness as eaters, and look at the growing movement to renovate the food system.

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