Planter boxes at Chute Street, Diamond Creek


The produce from these planter boxes is freely available to any members of public who pass by. To discuss any aspect of the planter boxes, contact contact Peter by phone (0422 199511) or email.

There are 7 planter boxes in Chute Street (5 on the north side of the road and 2 on the south side) plus a further 2 around the corner in Inglis Street. Each of these is a wicking bed. They were established in 2014.

Thanks to:

  • Pam for ongoing maintenance.
  • Nathan Ezard for building the planter boxes.
  • David, Guy, Liam, Nathan and Robyn for the initial planting of seedlings.
  • The Veggie Empire for ongoing supply of plants.
  • Amelia, Elliot, Josh, May, Nikki and Susan for occasional maintenance.
  • Felicity for designing the stencils.
  • Dave and Charles from the CFA and Nillumbik Council for filling the wicking beds with water.
  • Mun for designing the ‘help yourself’ signs.
  • Heidi for doing just about everything else!
  • The shopkeepers, who watered in many of the young seedlings.
  • The Diamond Creek Traders’ Association and NICE (Nillumbik Initiatives, Communities and Enterprises) for providing funding.
  • Local Food Connect for financial and moral support.
  • Bulleen Art & Garden Nursery for providing substantial discounts on a range of purchases.

Here are some pictures from the initial planting session, the subsequent opening event and the first harvest:

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