Newsletter testimonials


All the comments below are by different people – around 550 people in total from around 190 different suburbs.

  1. “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work that goes into producing your fantastic newsletter every week.” (GJ, Greensborough, June 2024)
  2. “I read and enjoy the newsletter and can’t wait to be released each week. It is so informative.” (SG, Sydney, June 2024)
  3. “Your newsletter is great and I love reading it each week.” (CM, Carlton North, June 2024)
  4. “I do appreciate the work you do and the service you provide.” (SN, Eltham, June 2024)
  5. “The newsletter is great.” (EH, Rosanna, June 2024)
  6. “Thanks for your newsletter: always essential reading in my Inbox and always full of things to inform and amaze.” (LM, Brunswick East, May 2024)
  7. “Your newsletter is both very informative and extremely interesting.” (NK, Eltham, May 2024)
  8. “I love your information-packed newsletters.” (JA, Yarra Glen, May 2024)
  9. “Your newsletter is a wonderful source of information.” (RW, Ringwood, May 2024)
  10. “Your newsletter is the best place to find relevant information about food growing, sustainable living and community initiatives in Melbourne!” (NS, Coburg, April 2024)
  11. “I have to congratulate you, Guy, for your amazing newsletters. I appreciate how much work goes into the production.” (KK, Kangaroo Ground, April 2024)
  12. “The newsletter is simply brimming with articles, recipes, interesting links and calendars of events covering everything to do with food – whether it be growing, making or teaching – across Melbourne. The amount of excellent general information shared is incredible. The newsletter is wonderful. Thanks for all the work you do for our community.” (AM, Forest Hill, April 2024)
  13. “Thanks for your informative newsletters. They are far more comprehensive than many other so called professional emails that I get. I’m not sure how you manage to put it together really, so comprehensive.” (GF, Torquay, April 2024)
  14. “Wow, what an amazing resource, Guy, great work!” (LB, Yarra Glen, April 2024)
  15. “Your newsletter is fabulous; so much useful information.” (DB, Eltham, April 2024)
  16. “Your newsletter is amazing: both informative and interesting.” (BS, Balwyn North, April 2024)
  17. “I love getting your newsletter. I admire the stream of interesting content you produce and also your consistency and steadfastness.” (WD, Lilydale, April 2024)
  18. “I really like your newsletter.” (SH, Doreen, April 2024)
  19. “This is a fabulous newsletter and magnificently presented. It is a top class production with amazing content. You put it together so well. I really appreciate the time and energy that you put into its content and presentation. Thank you.” (CM, Research, March 2024)
  20. “Your newsletter is amazing and we all appreciate it very much, especially me. Thank you for all your work.” (MM, Northcote, March 2024)
  21. “I really look forward to your newsletter each week. It’s great!” (AG, Watsonia North, March 2024)
  22. “Your newsletter is so comprehensive.” (RL, Thornbury, March 2024)
  23. “You’re doing a fantastic job and I love your newsletter.” (NM, Thornbury, March 2024)
  24. “I love your newsletters. Keep up the amazing work.” (AP, Eltham, March 2024)
  25. “Thanks so much for your work in continuing the consistently interesting newsletter for so long. It is fabulous and I read it eagerly every week.” (WH, Montmorency, March 2024)
  26. “Your newsletters are a joy to read with so many interesting articles, tips and tricks.” (JP, South Australia, March 2024)
  27. “Thanks for your commitment to producing the newsletter, Guy. I have no doubt many, many hours go into its production. You perform an important community service. I enjoy the articles and appreciate your work. Thank you.” (SB, Mansfield, May 2022)
  28. “I love your newsletters and get a lot out of them.” (NF, Croydon, March 2024)
  29. “Thanks, Guy, for the newsletter, it’s brilliant! you do a great job.” (VS, Research, March 2024)
  30. “Thank you, Guy, for your newsletter – it’s a very enjoyable read each Wednesday morning and I look forward to it each week with my first cuppa of the day!” (SW, Greensborough, February 2024)
  31. “I enjoy the newsletter and all the info on people in the area.” (JF, Eden Park, February 2024)
  32. “I really enjoy reading about what activities are out there in the community.” (CS, Fitzroy, February 2024)
  33. “Your newsletter is both interesting and informative.” (CY, South Australia, February 2024)
  34. “I enjoy lots of what I read in the newsletter.” (JK, Diamond Creek, February 2024)
  35. “Your newsletter is really great.” (TD, Bulleen, February 2024)
  36. “Thank you for the newsletter, I have learnt a lot reading it. I am so blessed to be a part of this beautiful community that you have created.” (MA, Preston, January 2024)
  37. “Just a quick email to say how much I appreciate your newsletters each week. Thanks for your hard work, creativity and dedication to producing them.” (GG, Reservoir, February 2024)
  38. “Thank you for all the incredible work you do keeping the urban agriculture and community food worlds connected and informed. The newsletter really is an incredible resource and I love reading it every week!” (PC, Fitzroy, January 2024)
  39. “I look forward to each week’s newsletter, Guy. Thank you for your work.” (JR, Ivanhoe, January 2024)
  40. “Your newsletter is amazing. I’m not sure how you manage it all but the wealth of information and the opportunities is quite awesome.” (RW, Warragul, January 2024)
  41. “I love all the wonderful work you do to produce the newsletter. It’s amazing.” (MH, Hurstbridge, January 2024)
  42. “I always look forward to your newsletter, which is wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work.” (DR, Craigieburn, January 2024)
  43. “Congratulations on your brilliant newsletter efforts, which I thoroughly enjoy.” (LR, Kangaroo Ground, January 2024)
  44. “Thank you for all the great work you put into making the newsletter and keeping us informed.” (SG, Hurstbridge, January 2024)
  45. “I love your newsletters – there are so many courses that I want to do!” (HM, Fairfield, January 2024)
  46. “Such great info.” (LC, Alphington, January 2024)
  47. “Valuable information on gardens and food.” (JK, Macleod, January 2024)
  48. “Your newsletters are very informative.” (MP, Frankston, January 2024)
  49. “Thanks for your newsletter, always a good read!” (AW, Thornbury, January 2024)
  50. “Your newsletter is amazing and I really enjoy it.” (RN, Reservoir, January 2024)
  51. “I really enjoy your newsletter.” (DA, Surrey Hills, January 2024)
  52. “This is such a wonderful newsletter, Guy, you are making a real difference. I know it takes an enormous amount of work on your part and that effort shows in the newsletter’s quality. It is a key part of our local community – thank you so much for what you have done and continue to do. The time will come when people will appreciate food growing again and you will have done a great deal to help prepare the community for the harder times to come, as well as bring us much joy in the present!.” (JB, Heidelberg, December 2023)
  53. “This is a fantastic informative newsletter edited by the brilliant Guy Palmer. I am so amazed at the work that you do in producing the newsletter, Guy, it is the most interesting and informative newsletter around. You are a local hero. I am very grateful to you for your time and expertise and for just being there and being fun!” (MB, Macleod, December 2023)
  54. “You do a great job. Great work organising and providing knowledge for our gardens. Much appreciated, Guy. Well done!” (ES, Box Hill, December 2023)
  55. “Thanks for all of your tireless and amazing work on the newsletter.” (DM, Montmorency, December 2023)
  56. “It’s a fabulous newsletter and I’ve discovered many events and bits of useful information from it.” (KW, Heathmont, December 2023)
  57. “Thank you for the informative and enjoyable newsletter. It is one of the main highlights of my week. It’s always a good read on so many levels. I really appreciate the information that you send out and knowing what is going. There is such a variety of information that you share! I enjoy the jokes most of all.” (LH, Armadale, November 2023)
  58. “I really enjoy the newsletters. They are a valuable asset to the community. It’s exciting how much is going on.” (JL, Alphington, November 2023)
  59. “I love your newsletter! It is a bright spot in my inbox.” (LA, Burwood, November 2023)
  60. “It’s a great newsletter. Very comprehensive. Thank you.” (PA, Forest Hill, November 2023)
  61. “Your newsletters are amazingly information loaded.” (KC, Wonga Park, November 2023)
  62. “Your newsletter is fantastic.” (RL, East Melbourne, November 2023)
  63. “The info in your newsletter is amazing, and it’s so wonderful see so much happening. I look forward to every edition. I really enjoy receiving the newsletters and learning about the wonderful community that has grown and developed over the years … it gives me joy to read about what people are doing.” (PC, Olinda, October 2023)
  64. “Thank you for the effort you put into the newsletter – it is always welcome in my inbox!” (LS, St Andrews, October 2023)
  65. “Your newsletter is a wonderful source of information and resources. Keep up the good work!” (VJ, Lower Plenty, October 2023)
  66. “It’s great to read the newsletters – they give me a lot of knowledge!” (SA, Heidelberg Heights, October 2023)
  67. “Congratulations on your newsletter … you do a great job!” (VR, Brunswick East, October 2023)
  68. “What you are doing is terrific.” (AT, Blackburn, October 2023)
  69. “Thanks for a great newsletter.” (AO, Brighton, October 2023)
  70. “Thanks for the newsletters. I enjoy them.” (AM, Richmond, October 2023)
  71. “I enjoy reading your newsletter.” (SM, Park Orchards, October 2023)
  72. “Keep up the good work.” (AM, Greensborough, October 2023)
  73. “Thank you for the magic that arrives in my inbox each week.” (AG, Thornbury, September 2023)
  74. “Great newsletter and jam packed with so many great things to do.” (EW, Kensington, September 2023)
  75. “I appreciate the work you do with the newsletters. I often find myself referencing the information and recommending it to others, so thank you.” (HG, Thornbury, September 2023)
  76. “I love your newsletter. It must be a real labour of love as it always has great content.” (DR, Eltham, September 2023)
  77. “Thank you for the informative newsletters. I’m enjoying reading up and learning new things.” (JC, Panton Hill, September 2023)
  78. “Great newsletter, thank you.” (BM, Torquay, September 2023)
  79. “I enjoy your newsletter.” (NG, Gormandale, September 2023)
  80. “Your newsletter has soooo much great info, especially on upcoming events and classes. It is fantastic.” (KB, Glenroy, August 2023)
  81. “I really enjoy your newsletter, which is fabulous. I appreciate your hard work.” (RB, Chirnside Park, August 2023)
  82. “Your newsletter is wonderful and I enjoy receiving it.” (VL, Abbotsford, August 2023)
  83. “I am very grateful that, through your newsletter, you continue to share and support us.” (JT, Brunswick, August 2023)
  84. “I always enjoy your newsletter.” (AT, Warrandyte, August 2023)
  85. “Thanks heaps for the newsletter which I really enjoy as a hobby gardener. It’s amazing to read about all the activities in the north-east of Melbourne.” (GP, Rosanna, July 2023)
  86. “Thanks for a great newsletter. The website really is outstanding. I love your work.” (AS, Warrandyte, July 2023)
  87. ” People don’t know how lucky they are to have such an informative hub of information!” (TS, Kew East, July 2023)
  88. “Thank you for your fantastic newsletter. It’s always a great read. Wonderful and informative, I love it.” (ED, Reservoir, July 2023)
  89. “What a great newsletter! Just so much information.” (LW, Forest Hill, July 2023)
  90. “I love your newsletter. It’s always informative.” (TR, Ivanhoe, July 2023)
  91. “Thank you for your great work pumping out the newsletter each week! It is such a terrific resource. Such good tips and recipes. I love it! Reading it is the first thing that I do each Wednesday.” (LW, Bagshot, June 2023)
  92. “Thanks for your newsletters, they’re really informative and its inspiring to see what people are doing in the food space.” (SD, Mill Park, June 2023)
  93. “The whole team here at CERES Fair Food loves your newsletter, very informative, and very aligned with CERES’ values.” (IF, Preston, June 2023)
  94. “Your newsletter is great, there is so much in it.” (MR, Coburg, June 2023)
  95. “Thank you all for the work you all do and for this great newsletter!” (HR, Nunawading, June 2023)
  96. “Thank you for all of your wonderful work on these newsletters.” (KM, Bendigo, June 2023)
  97. “Your newsletter is wonderful.” (KW, Diamond Creek, June 2023)
  98. “I look forward to your newsletter every Wednesday. I love it and really appreciate the time you must put into it.” (RP, Rosanna, May 2023)
  99. “I love your newsletter and find myself excited for its arrival into my inbox each week. Keep up the great work!” (AM, Richmond, May 2023)
  100. “Your newsletter is fantastic. I really enjoy receiving it. It has such interesting, valuable and diverting material. It is also a valuable community-builder. Thanks for your hard work.” (KO, Eltham, May 2023)
  101. “Your newsletter always brings total delight when it arrives in my inbox. I always look forward to reading with my morning coffee.” (AS, Preston, May 2023)
  102. “Congratulations on the amazing and important work that you do.” (KR, Pascoe Vale South, May 2023)
  103. “Thank you for the fabulous newsletter, which I always look forward to receiving.” (KC, Skipton, May 2023)
  104. “Your newsletter is great.” (HA, Alphington, May 2023)
  105. “Your newsletter is wonderful.” (AS, Surrey Hills, May 2023)
  106. “Your newsletter is great.” (KW, Thornbury, May 2023)
  107. “I enjoy your newsletter, Guy.” (KR, Pascoe Vale South, May 2023)
  108. “I enjoy the newsletter so much. Thanks for keeping our spirits up! Your weekly email is much looked forward to in our household.” (CP, Eltham, April 2023)
  109. “Yours is such a great newsletter and I thoroughly enjoy reading it.” (SH, Christmas Hills, April 2023)
  110. “Thanks so much for everything you do for the community.” (CM, Brunswick, April 2023)
  111. “Thank you for such an informative newsletter. I appreciate receiving it each week and love hearing about what is going on” (CR, Chirnside Park, April 2023)
  112. “Thank you for your wonderful newsletter which I look forward to and enjoy immensely.” (CS, Eltham, April 2023)
  113. “Your newsletter is very good and I love it.” (SM, Coburg North, April 2023)
  114. “Thank you for all the work you do to create the newsletter every week. Even though I live on the other side of the city, I still love it and feel like I’m part of a gardening community.” (BC, Yarraville, March 2023)
  115. “Thank you for your wonderful newsletter full of brilliant information. Your newsletter is one of Melbourne’s most comprehensive local food resources, I reckon. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I really appreciate your efforts and look forward to your newsletters.” (DR, Craigieburn, March 2023)
  116. “I get so much out of your newsletter. Thank you for the work you put into it.” (GR, Templestowe, March 2023)
  117. “Thank you for putting out your newsletter, which is a wonderful community resource. I’m right at the beginning of learning to be a gardener and better cook and I find it incredibly helpful. Although, like most people, my inbox is too full I always ready this newsletter. You must be such a lovely and caring person and I’m very grateful for your efforts and inspired by what you’re doing to contribute to the community and the planet.” (SD, Williamstown, February 2023)
  118. “I read your newsletter because it is awesome! I just want to let you know how much I enjoy the newsletter. Keep up the good work, much appreciated.” (RS, Cheltenham East, February 2023)
  119. “I enjoy your newsletter. It is very comprehensive and must take a considerable time to put together.” (VS, Cottles Bridge, February 2023)
  120. “Great stuff, Guy. Each week I learn something new.” (VH, Geelong, February 2023)
  121. “Your newsletter is amazingly informative.” (AS, Northcote, February 2023)
  122. “Thanks, as always, for the fantastic newsletter. Great inspiration as usual.” (IC, Watsonia, February 2023)
  123. “I love the newsletter.” (JC, Rosanna, February 2023)
  124. “Thanks you for the best and most informative email to have hit my inbox for a very long time. Well done. Many hours of interesting reading plus events to put on my calendar.” (RC, Hawthorn East, January 2023)
  125. “Great work that you are doing to help spread the word about the important connection of food with local communities and the environment. The articles are always interesting and informative.” (JS, Warrandyte, January 2023)
  126. “Your newsletter is fantastic. I love the veggie growing tips. It’s lovely to be part of such a generous, sharing community of people and I appreciate you helping to keep it active! Thanks for keeping the gardening community connected!” (AS, Eltham, January 2023)
  127. “I love reading your newsletter. It is so informative and it inspires me to go out and get engaged in gardening and related activities. Thank you for all that you do to promote community activities and inspiring gardening articles.” (ZS, Mount Waverley, January 2023)
  128. “I really enjoy receiving the newsletter, such a great way to keep up to date with stuff going on around me.” (CB, Bellfield, January 2023)
  129. “Your newsletters are brilliant.” (AC, Heidelberg West, January 2023)
  130. “I always enjoy your newsletter. It’s very informative.” (CD, Thornbury, January 2023)
  131. “I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. Thanks you.” (JE, Kangaroo Ground, January 2023)
  132. “A big thank you for all your time and effort producing an excellent newsletter each and every week, it’s always packed with great foodie and lifestyle info/events.” (CA, Eltham, December 2022)
  133. “Thank you, Guy, for all the wonderful work you do for us! I eagerly look for your newsletter every week!” (JM, Warrandyte, December 2022)
  134. “I love your newsletters – such a wonderful thing that you do!” (JM, Heidelberg Heights, December 2022)
  135. “I enjoy receiving your newsletter. Thank you for all the great info.” (NJ, Springvale South, December 2022)
  136. “The most loved newsletter in the whole of Melbourne! Guy, you make a unique contribution to our local community. I’m always grateful for what you do.” (KP, Macleod, November 2022)
  137. “Humongous.” (PG, Wattle Glen, November 2022)
  138. “I love the newsletter – it is so full of information.” (CM, Montmorency, November 2022)
  139. ” love reading the varied, informative articles even though I live and garden in Oakleigh.” (AJ, Oakleigh South, November 2022)
  140. “I love your newsletters and have learnt lots!” (KD, Northcote, November 2022)
  141. “Thanks for all your newsletters. They are really interesting. I love reading them. I’m sure a lot of effort goes into them. Keep up your hard work.” (KD, Warrandyte, November 2022)
  142. “I always enjoy reading your super newsletter.” (LH, Eltham North, November 2022)
  143. “Your newsletters are great.” (AN, Doncaster, November 2022)
  144. “I enjoy your newsletters and they are so full of information.” (RG, Doncaster East, November 2022)
  145. “Your newsletters are great.” (LP, Alphington, November 2022)
  146. “I love your newsletter!” (LA, Pascoe Vale South, October 2022)
  147. “Great newsletter!” (AM, Bundoora, October 2022)
  148. “I love your newsletter!” (JL, Reservoir, October 2022)
  149. “Your newsletter is the highlight of my week! Thanks for all the work you put into it.” (RH, Diamond Creek, September 2022)
  150. “What an amazing newsletter! Thank you!” (TB, Greensborough, September 2022)
  151. “Thank you so much for your beautiful newsletter.” (BR, Thomastown, September 2022)
  152. “Your newsletter is fantastic.” (KG, Reservoir, September 2022)
  153. “I love your newsletter.” (RD, Camberwell, September 2022)
  154. “I’d like to thank you for your newsletter, which is amazing. I look forward to reading it every week and really enjoy it and learn a lot. You are doing a fantastic job and it’s much appreciated by many people.” (LF, Alphington, August 2022)
  155. “Thanks so much for your fantastic newsletters. I love reading them and always learn so much!” (DS, Ivanhoe, August 2022)
  156. “Your newsletter is one of the best. I find it very useful. It is both educative and entertaining.” (GP, Blackburn South, August 2022)
  157. “A fabulous summation of the local activities, Guy! Your newsletter is widely admired.” (KB, Montmorency, August 2022)
  158. “Yours is a great newsletter. You do a great job and it’s a really lovely read.” (AF, Preston, August 2022)
  159. “I really love your newsletters.” (CW, Wonthaggi, August 2022)
  160. “Thanks for your amazing newsletter!” (JB, Fitzroy, August 2022)
  161. “Thanks for your great newsletter” (SS, Thornbury, August 2022)
  162. “Thank you for all your newsletters, I really enjoy reading them. They are a wealth of information. It’s amazing. Thank you.” (JM, Bentleigh, July 2022)
  163. “Your newsletter really is very good.” (DF, Blackburn, July 2022)
  164. “Thank you for the wonderful and detailed information sent to us regularly in the newsletter. You do a great job in promoting local gardens and their work.” (IZ, Epping, July 2022)
  165. “What an amazing newsletter, Guy!” (VM, Warrandyte South, July 2022)
  166. “Your newsletter is always fantastic.” (AH, Panton Hill, July 2022)
  167. “I appreciate your newsletters and their great information.” (JM, Bayles, July 2022)
  168. “Thank you for the always interesting newsletter!” (VE, Hurstbridge, July 2022)
  169. “I appreciate your newsletter and all of its information” (JX, Doncaster, July 2022)
  170. “Thanks so much for your newsletter – I really enjoy it.” (GH, Meredith, July 2022)
  171. “I love the newsletter.” (MC, Preston, July 2022)
  172. “I love your newsletter.” (VS, West Footscray, July 2022)
  173. “Thanks for this wonderful ‘mixed bag’ of stuff. The jokes are chortlingly good.” (AJ, Northcote, June 2022)
  174. “Thank you for your terrific newsletter, which I look forward to each week and read with great interest.” (JC, Ivanhoe, June 2022)
  175. “Your newsletter is a fabulous publication.” (BC, Hawthorn East, June 2022)
  176. “Keep up the amazing work.” (BF, Mitcham, June 2022)
  177. “Thanks for all the newsletters – they are fantastic.” (TA, Tarneit, June 2022)
  178. “Thank you for your newsletter, with all of its tips. It is brilliant. I enjoy reading it a lot.” (SW, Rosanna, June 2022)
  179. “Your newsletter is great.” (NK, Eltham, June 2022)
  180. “Thanks for your most informative newsletter.” (LM, Yallambie, June 2022)
  181. “Many thanks for all your work and dedication to providing such interesting material. ” (JT, United Kingdom, June 2022)
  182. “Thanks for all your hard work with the newsletter – it is so professional and it’s lovely to hear about all the things that are going on!” (HS, Montmorency, May 2022)
  183. “Thanks for your regular newsletters – they are wonderful and much appreciated.” (KB, Eltham, May 2022)
  184. “Your newsletter is worth its weight in gold. I’m so glad to have come across it. Thank you for the great job you do compiling it.” (AB, Heidelberg West, May 2022)
  185. “Your newsletters are fantastic! You are an amazing journalist!” (CB, Lower Plenty, May 2022)
  186. “Your newsletter is amazing!” (CS, Fitzroy, May 2022)
  187. “Thank you, Guy, for the beautiful work that you do, making the world a more yummy, connected place.” (CM, Daylesford, May 2022)
  188. “Thank you so much for your excellent newsletters. They are so helpful and inspirational! I’m in awe that you manage to get a great newsletter out each week.” (EM, Belgrave, April 2022)
  189. “Thank you so much, Guy! You put in a lot of work into your newsletters and I really appreciate it. They are absolutely fantastic.” (CL, Box Hill South, April 2022)
  190. “Your newsletter is very interesting and you connect with an amazing network of people and organisations.” (FA, West Brunswick, April 2022)
  191. “Your newsletter is incredible.” (BW, Eltham, April 2022)
  192. “I love your newsletter.” (JC, Boronia, April 2022)
  193. “I wake up every Wednesday morning and I say to myself ‘great, it’s newsletter day!’ Your newsletter is so informative, thank you. I really enjoy reading it.” (VK, Diamond Creek, March 2022)
  194. “Your newsletter is a gem to the world. Thanks for all your hours helping to nurture such a wonderful network and valuable information.” (SA, Heidelberg West, March 2022)
  195. “Your newsletter is great and I really appreciate all the work and effort that you put into it.” (SC, Cottles Bridge, March 2022)
  196. “I enjoy reading your newsletters each week. I know how much work goes into mailouts, and yours is consistently informative and locally-focused. Thanks and well done to you! I hear lots of other people saying how good it is, by the way :).” (MC, Greensborough, March 2022)
  197. “I really enjoy reading your newsletter every Wednesday.” (AB, Eltham, March 2022)
  198. “Your newsletter is fantastic.” (JL, North Warrandyte, March 2022)
  199. “Your newsletter is really interesting.” (EC, Doncaster, March 2022)
  200. “Thank you for continuing to provide such an interesting newsletter throughout these difficult times.” (JG, Eltham, March 2022)
  201. “Your newsletter is great.” (SM, Ashburton, March 2022)
  202. “Thanks for the newsletter – it’s a delight to receive. What an amazing and valuable resource for the people of Melbourne.” (BB, Geelong, February 2022)
  203. “Thanks for your hard work on the newsletter. I always enjoy reading it and, not being an expert gardener myself, picking up tips and advice from others.” (JM, Canterbury, February 2022)
  204. “Thank you, Guy, for the newsletter with its interesting and informative articles.” (ES, Doncaster, February 2022)
  205. “Thanks, Guy, for a lovely newsletter.” (PJ, Abbotsford, February 2022)
  206. “I love your newsletter.” (BC, Yarraville, February 2022)
  207. “Thanks for putting together the newsletters. They are always a highlight in my inbox and a joy to read.” (YC, Heidelberg West, January 2022)
  208. “I must say how much I have benefited from your newsletter. Despite living 2 hours out of Melbourne, the information has already helped me improve my gardening results.” (CK, Ruffy, January 2022)
  209. “The newsletter is excellent. I really appreciate the amount of work that goes into putting it together, and the range of content. So thank you.” (SM, Brunswick, January 2022)
  210. “Thanks for the great newsletter.” (WN, Ringwood, January 2022)
  211. “Thanks for the newsletter.” (RB, Diamond Creek, January 2022)
  212. “Your newsletter is a shining star for so many of your readers. It has opened the door for me to connect with like minded plant lovers and groups. I’ve gained so much more knowledge in my gardening journey and connected with some great people and their generosity. Thank you for all the time and effort you give to the readers. I look forward to reading the newsletter each week. It’s a godsend.” (LN, Diamond Creek, December 2021)
  213. “Thank you for all the newsletters. I personally learn a lot from the content that you gather and share. Thank you for all your generosity.” (RB, Carlton North, December 2021)
  214. “You are doing a fantastic job with the newsletters. It is inspirational. Thank you for all your sharing of knowledge and events! I love that you encourage readers to write in to you for information about their plants. I’ve found heaps of things that have helped me.” (GW, Eltham, December 2021)
  215. “Thanks, Guy, for all this great info and the effort that you go to for this community.” (RC, Coburg, December 2021)
  216. “It’s great stuff that you’re are doing. I love your work.” (NP, Doncaster, December 2021)
  217. “Thanks for the newsletter. I really enjoy the tips about growing food in our local area.” (AJ, Kew East, December 2021)
  218. “Thank you, Guy, for your wonderfully informative newsletters.” (EB, Lower Templestowe, December 2021)
  219. “I really enjoy your newsletter.” (MA, Eltham, December 2021)
  220. “Thanks for the great newsletter, which I love.” (BM, Macleod, November 2021)
  221. “What an awesome job you do on the newsletter every week – always jam packed, always fascinating, and always extremely useful. It is so comforting to have the newsletter in the inbox before I get up each Wednesday, as certain as the sun will rise each day!” (JL, Camberwell, November 2021)
  222. “Thank you for all that you’re doing. Your newsletter is a great source of advice and inspiration. And thank you also for keeping everyone involved, entertained, educated … I could go on. You provide an invaluable service and you make Eltham a more interesting place.” (NC, Eltham, November 2021)
  223. “I love the newsletter and appreciate all the hard work that you put into it.” (AM, Brunswick East, November 2021)
  224. “Thanks for your ever-informative newsletter.” (JF, Montmorency, November 2021)
  225. “Fabulous newsletter!” (AW, Tullamarine, November 2021)
  226. “Great work with the newsletter!” (AF, Montmorency, November 2021)
  227. “Your newsletter is a great resource. Many thanks for your passion and consistency.” (PS, Camberwell, October 2021)
  228. “I really enjoy receiving the newsletter, which is also helping me to develop my garden.” (JD, Camberwell, October 2021)
  229. “I love the newsletter.” (KO, Watsonia, October 2021)
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