Community garden signage


Felicity Gordon is a well-known, local artist and prominent person in our local food community who has painted a variety of murals for some of our local community gardens. For example:

Watsonia Library Community Garden the Garden of Plenty, Diamond Valley Library, Greensborough
Planter box in Main Road, Eltham Eltham Railway Station
Eltham Railway Station Eltham Railway Station
mural1 mural2
Eltham Farmers’ Market Eltham Farmers’ Market

Note the green germinating seedling on some of the murals. This is the copy of a stencil which is also on some of the actual planter boxes. The idea is that the use of a common symbol symbolises for the public that all the community gardening initiatives are related. As discussed on our website there are 7 other supporting stencils, which illustrate various veggies and fruit, and we also have various coloured paints that can be used. Please email us if you would like to use these stencils.

Here is what Felicity said about the mural at Arthur Street, Eltham: “The mural is 2 metres by 2.5 metres and depicts images drawn from the local landscape, fresh seasonal produce, free range animals and a normal day at Eltham Farmers’ Market. It was designed to visually show the connection between local food producers and the people who support them by sourcing their food from the market. Painting the mural was a fantastic opportunity for me to paint a rural landscape as this is something I wouldn’t normally do. I really enjoyed adding figures with colour and emotion to tell the story of our local community market.

nhmapFinally, in passing, the foyer at healthAbility in Eltham used to have a map of where some of Nillumbik’s food producers are. Details of most of the providers are in our Local Food Directory, which can be accessed via a searchable/filterable list or via a categories and map interface.

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