About LFC


Who we are

Local Food Connect (LFC) is a not-for-profit, community group which connects local growers and eaters. So, for example, we connect backyard growers with other backyard growers, and we connect the general population with their local growers, farmers and producers.

Operating across North East Melbourne, but mainly in the Nillumbik and Banyule areas, we encourage, support and promote events, actions and enterprises which help to put your food back into your control.

As part of this, we send out a weekly newsletter by email which lists the forthcoming local food events and activities. Sign up for this newsletter: it is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you are interested in local food, either growing it or eating it, then please join us. Become a member today! General individual membership is currently set at $10 pa. You receive the news, can join in committee meetings, vote at the AGM, and know that you are helping to grow the local food movement.

Our 2023/24 Committee

L-R: David Hicks, Helen Simpson, Dan Milne, Ann Hague, Caitlyn McKimm, Bev Middleton, Chris Chapple.

Local Food Connect is an Incorporated Association managed by a volunteer committee.

President – Chris Chapple
Secretary – Helen Simpson
Treasurer – Dan Milne
Ann Hague
Bev Middleton
Caitlin McKimm
David Hicks

What we do

  • Encourage home and community food growing.
  • Facilitate food swaps.
  • Encourage and support local food enterprises.
  • Support local markets that offer opportunities for local growers and producers.
  • Encourage school and community gardens.
  • Facilitate education and workshops on food growing and production.
  • Initiate and encourage participation in local food events.

What we believe in

Our vision is of:

  • A vibrant and dynamic local food culture and economy.
  • A viable alternative to the modern fast-paced, fast-food, global supermarket view of food.
  • A clean, green, environmentally and socially sustainable food future.

Our core values are:

  • Slow food not fast food.
  • Our strength is our community.
  • Natural, sustainable, equitable.
  • Education and participation.
  • Shake the hand of the farmer who grew it.

Our 2023 annual report

Our 2023 annual report

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  1. Hello,

    This resource is amazing! Is there an equivalent one that you know of in Sydney? Thanks!

  2. Hello – do you know if you have an equivalent group for South East Melbourne? I’m in Mentone / Bayside 🙂

    • Hi Sherrie,

      No, I’m not aware of a similar group in South East Melbourne.

    • Hi Sherrie, I’m the organiser of a monthly food swap in Edithvale. Youre welcome to join us. ‘Edithvale Produce Swap’ on Facebook.

  3. Hello,
    What part does state government play in your enterprise seeing as you have a state government of vic logo on your website?

    • Hi Matilda,

      The Government plays no part in our enterprise. The vic logo is part of the banner for those pages relating to Eltham Farmers’ Market because they gave us the original grant which allowed us to set the market up.

      Guy (Palmer)

  4. Hello. Could you please tell me where I can buy your Kefir drink. I live in Rosebud, but don’t really recall seeing it. Also, what measure does it come in? Half a litre, Whole litre?……
    Thank you in anticipation. Tricia Grant.

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