Eltham restaurants


This page provides both a list and a map of the 23 restaurants in Eltham. If you click any of the names, or any of the map markers, the relevant contact details are shown, together with links to the restaurant’s menu(s).

Of the 23 restaurants, 4 serve Italian food, 2 Indian, 2 Thai, 1 Chinese, 1 Greek and 1 Lebanese. 10 of the 23 are also cafes (i.e. they are open during the day), whilst 13 are open in the evening only. 14 of the 23 also do takeaway.

For the purposes of this page, a restaurant is defined as somewhere where you can sit down for a meal in the evening, but which is neither primarily a takeaway nor a fast food outlet. If you think that there are any other restaurants that should be included, email us.

Combining the restaurants with the cafes and takeaways, there are a total of 65(!) eateries in Eltham and Research.

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  1. Great stuff Guy, I think I’ll follow you in your footsteps. It’s great to go local.

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