Your local repair cafes


Repair cafes are places where you go to get things fixed, mended or connected for free. The items usually brought in are small electrical goods, bikes, clothing, small furniture or homewares. Tables are set up with the fixer on one side and the customer (e.g. you) on the other. You are invited to watch, learn and talk with the person fixing your item. Read more.

Each repair cafe typically happens once a month, with some having a regular schedule and others not. For some, you just turn up, whilst you need to book a slot at others.

Click on any of the ‘view on map’ links to see the contact details for the corresponding repair cafe.

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  1. Hi my vacuum just died on me, do you look at vacs?

  2. What a shame it’s only North East Melbourne ! Such a cool resource.

  3. Hello,
    I believe there might be a repair cafe missing from your map in Sunbury. See Thanks for the great resource – it’s been helpful in the fight to get more repair cafés in Hume City. Many thanks. KL

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