White shahtoot mulberry (Morus macroura)


Jaimie Sweetman is Head Gardener of the Edible Forest located on the Yarra Valley Estate in Dixons Creek. There are regular tours of the Edible Forest, often led by Jaimie – read more and book your place on a future tour.

Leading into August, I have been searching for any deciduous fruit trees we don’t yet have to plant in the Edible Forest.

One that we already have, but which is so popular and a favourite on our tours that so we have recently got another, is the white shahtoot mulberry (Morus macroura).

As the name suggests, the mulberries on this species are white and around 4cm long. They taste extra sweet like glucose and don’t leave red stains everywhere like other mulberries. Another great thing is that they fruit over two months and can be picked every day, whereas other mulberries drop all the berries in the space of around two weeks. Being white, the birds don’t go for them either so it is a great fruiting variety for a backyard without netting.

A small to large sized tree, the white shahtoot mulberry can get to 4-6 metres in height but will handle heavy pruning to reduce height. There are also dwarf varieties available for the smaller gardens.

Deciduous through winter, it becomes a great shade tree come summer and the fruit is to die for!

I would definitely recommend the white shahtoot mulberry for any Melbourne backyard.


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  1. Really want to get my hands on a white shahtoot mulberry but haven’t found a nursery with any in stock. Any suggestions? I’m in Nunawading.

    • Try Daley’s Nursery in Kyogle, NSW or, alternatively, Dean who has taken over Pete the Permie’s Nursery at Olinda.

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