The list of stallholders below can be sorted by any of the columns, filtered by selected columns, or printed out. Also, click any of the stallholders’ names to see more detailed information about that stallholder. The ‘1st’, ‘2nd’, ‘3rd’, ‘4th’ and ‘5th’ columns say which Sundays the stallholder attends and the ‘comment’ column gives their season, if any. The ‘local’ column says whether the stallholder is from North East Melbourne (the precise geographic area encompassed is shown on our local food directory map).

Note that not every stallholder will always be at every market listed in table and various reasons may cause stallholder attendance to vary from month to month. Please email us if you need to confirm that a stallholder is expected on a particular weekend.

A Local Baker St AndrewsBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsOrganic sourdough bread and croissantyesyesyesyesyes.yes
A&G Handmade BiscuitsSweet TreatsSweet TreatsHomemade biscuits and cannoli.yes.some..
ACIDECondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersA wide range of picklesyes.yes.yes..
Alberto's DelicaciesPasta; Condiments and MakersPasta
Condiments and Makers
Pestos, pasta, gnocchi, antipasto and pasta sauces...yes..yes
Alpine WalnutsNutsNutsWalnuts (including oil and flour), hazelnuts and chestnutssome in season.some in season..mid Apr-Dec.
Anja's SconesBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsScones.yes..some..
Apted's OrchardsFruitFruitApples and pearsin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonFeb-Decyes
Arshi's AromasReady to Eat FoodReady to Eat FoodIndian street foodsomesome..some.yes
Australian Harvest / Bio GrapeCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersCertified organic horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and BIO-GRAPE fruit pastes.yes.yessome.yes
Baked by RobynBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsHome-baked Christmas goodsin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonDecyes
Bass Coast FarmMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishBeef and lamb..yesyes...
Bear Bagels and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsBagels, pretzels, bread and bunsyes.yesyesyes.yes
Bee Rescue - Heidi Honey HurstbridgeHoney and Bee Products; BeveragesHoney and Bee Products
Raw honey, creamed honey and honeycomb. Hay fever, sinus and pollen asthma remedy. Chai tea and bees wax candles..yes.yes..yes
Belleview FarmEggsEggsEggsyesyesyesyesyes.yes
Bill's BakeshopBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsBread and croissantyesyesyesyesyes..
Bizzy Beehive Australian HoneyHoney and Bee ProductsHoney and Bee ProductsRaw honeyyes.yes.yes..
Blue Bay CheeseDairyDairyDairy products, including soft and hard cheeses, yoghurts and kefir.yes.yesyes..
BotanikosBeveragesBeveragesBotanically infused simple syrups and shrubs...yes..yes
Buxom Hills FarmReady to Eat FoodReady to Eat FoodOmelettes..yesyes..yes
Cathedral CherriesFruitFruitCherriesin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonDec.
Chamcham SauceCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersVegan Korean sauces
Chef's Fine FoodBread and Baked Goods; Condiments and MakersBread and Baked Goods
Condiments and Makers
Pies, pates, terrines, pesto, tapenade and relishes..yesyessome.yes
Chiron HealthHealth ProductsHealth ProductsLaundry powder, oils, soaps, etc. Also, some teas, chutneys, etc...yes....
Crossies 'CadosFruitFruitAvocados and citrus.yesyes..Apr-May.
Doron Talmi Sweet-eezFruitFruitSatsuma mandarinsin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonMay-Aug.
DownUnder MushroomCondiments and Makers; Ready to Eat FoodCondiments and Makers
Ready to Eat Food
A wide range of mushroom products including risotto, seasonings, soups and beveragesyes......
Gembrook PotatoesVegetablesVegetablesBrushed potatoes: Nicola, Kipfler, Lady Jane, Dutch Cream and Sebagoyesyesyesyesyes..
Henley FarmsEggsEggsEggs (certified by PROOF)yesyesyesyesyes.yes
Hickory Downs FarmVegetablesVegetablesGarlicin seasonin seasonin seasonin season.Dec-Apryes
Hillmartin DistilleryBeveragesBeveragesGin..yes.some.yes
Himalayan BlissBeverages; Condiments and Makers; DairyBeverages
Condiments and Makers
Ghee, chai blends, herbal chocolates, granola, spiced honey and roasted nuts..yes....
Holy NutsCondiments and Makers; Sweet TreatsCondiments and Makers
Sweet Treats
Nut butters and spreads. Also dukkah and a variety of cakes..yes..some.yes
How Now DairyDairyDairyCheesesyes.yes.some..
Indigo Valley Lamb Meat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishLamb..yes....
Island HomeCondiments and Makers; Ready to Eat FoodCondiments and Makers
Ready to Eat Food
Curries (both fish and vegan) plus accompaniments. Also, ready-to-eat pan rolls..yes.yessome.yes
John Howell Fruit 4UFruitFruitApples, blackberries, cherries, figs, lemons, limes, mulberries, pears, persimmon, plums and quincesyesyesyesyes..yes
KanelleBread and Baked Goods; Sweet TreatsBread and Baked Goods
Sweet Treats
Quiches and pastries...yessome.yes
King Valley WalnutsNutsNutsWalnuts (in shell, kernel, pickled and spiced).in season...May-Oct.
Kingfisher CitrusFruit; Condiments and MakersFruit
Condiments and Makers
Seasonal citrus fruits, juice, avocados, jams/marmalades/preserves, pickled garlic and some seasonal vegetablesyesyesyesyesyes..
Kinglake West BlueberriesFruitFruitBlueberriesin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonmid Dec-mid Febyes
L'ArtisanMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishPates, rillettes and other meat productsyes......
La LoucheReady to Eat FoodReady to Eat FoodSavoury galettes and sweet crepesyesyesyesyessome.yes
Lard Ass ButterDairyDairyCultured butters and other dairy productsyes...some..
Limestone Free Range FarmsMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishFresh and smoked pork cuts.yes.yesyes..
Loco for CocoaSweet TreatsSweet TreatsA wide range of chocolate.somesomesome.Mar-Dec
some markets only
Loddon EstateMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishFree range chickenyesyesyesyessome..
Lonsdale Tomato FarmVegetablesVegetablesTomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce and herbsyes.yes.yes..
Love Is CoffeeBeveragesBeveragesFour different coffee beansyes.yes.yes.yes
Macedon Ranges LambMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishLambyesyes.some..
Mirboo North BlueberriesFruitFruitFrozen and dried blueberriesyes.yes....
Moorabool River BeefMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishBeefyesyes.yessome..
Mount Prospect FarmVegetablesVegetablesA wide range of vegetablesyesyesyesyesyes..
Mrs C'sCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersChilli oil...yes...
Mumma MadeBeverages; Condiments and MakersBeverages
Condiments and Makers
Ferments: kombucha, water kefir, switchel and sauerkraut. Also, jams, relishes, pickles and mustards.yesyes.yes...
Murray River SmokehouseMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishSmoked meats and fish plus gravlaxyesyesyesyesyes..
Nicer NoodlesCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersNoodles..yes....
Nick's Gnocchi & PastaPasta; Condiments and MakersPasta
Condiments and Makers
A variety of pastas. Sauces.yes.yes...yes
Offensively Good CoffeeCoffee etcCoffee etcCoffeeyes.yes....
Panton Hill Estate OlivesOlive OilOlive OilOlives, olive oil and other olive oil products...yes..yes
PEACE Farm Organic NurserySeedlings and PlantsSeedlings and PlantsCertified Organic seedlings (veggies, herbs and companion plants) plus fruit trees....someSpring & Autumn
some markets only
Petronio WinesBeveragesBeveragesWine.yes..some.yes
Plenty Valley ProduceVegetablesVegetablesA wide range of vegetablesyes.yes.yesJun-Nov.
Pure PieBread and Baked Goods; Sweet TreatsBread and Baked Goods
Sweet Treats
Pies, both savoury and sweetyessomeyesyessome..
Red Duck Brewery & DistilleryBeveragesBeveragesBeer, gin and vodkasome...some..
Riverland seasonsomeApr-Dec.
Salsicce 3rd GenerationMeat, Poultry and Fish; Ready to Eat FoodMeat, Poultry and Fish
Ready to Eat Food
Pork sausagesyes.....yes
Schulz Organic DairyDairyDairyMilk and milk productsyesyesyesyesyes..
Seed to StemMiscMiscCut flowers and foliagein seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonSep-mid Mayyes
Seeds of PlentySeedlings and PlantsSeedlings and PlantsTomato and capsicum seedlingsin season..Sep-Octyes
Selba FarmOlive Oil; Condiments and MakersOlive Oil
Condiments and Makers
Extra virgin and infused olive oil. Also, pickles and honey.yesyesyes.some.yes
Si MangiaCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersTomato puree, pasta sauce and olives.yes.yessome.yes
Silvertine FarmVegetablesVegetablesA wide range of vegetablesin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonNov-May.
Simply LentilsCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersLentil-based meal pre-mixesyes.....yes
Specialty Coffee ArmyBeveragesBeveragesVarious different coffee beans.yes.yes..yes
Spirli StrawberriesFruitFruitStrawberriesin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonin seasonmid Oct-Apryes
Sporadical City MushroomsMushroomsMushroomsA range of exotic mushrooms...yesyes.yes
Spring Creek OrganicsVegetablesVegetablesSeasonal Certified Organic season.Jun-Nov.
Sugarloaf ProduceVegetablesVegetablesA wide range of vegetablesyesyesyesyesyes.yes
Tabouli RasaCondiments and Makers; Ready to Eat FoodCondiments and Makers
Ready to Eat Food
Salads, hummus, dips and falafelyesyesyesyesyes..
Tamarind Tree Gourmet SaucesCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersCurry paste, tandoori pastes, kasundi, pickles and chutneysyes...some..
The Cake Stall
Bread and Baked Goods; Sweet Treats; Ready to Eat FoodBread and Baked Goods
Sweet Treats
Ready to Eat Food
Cakes and croissants. Also, sausage rolls, pies and quiche.yesyesyes.some.yes
The Mushroom CoMushroomsMushroomsA range of exotic mushroomsyesyesyes...yes
The Mushroom ShedSeedlings and PlantsSeedlings and PlantsHerb and veggie seedlings.yesyesyesyes.yes
The MushroomeryMushrooms;
Ready to Eat Food
Ready to Eat Food
A range of exotic mushrooms. Also mushroom and cheese toasties.some...somesome markets onlyyes
The Natural Pasta HousePasta; Condiments and MakersPasta
Condiments and Makers
A variety of pastas, including spelt. Sauces..yes.yes...
The Sweetest MomentSweet TreatsSweet TreatsVegan, gluten free, sugar free cakes, muffins, biscuits and pastriesyesyesyesyessome..
Thriving Foods FarmVegetables; EggsVegetables
A wide range of Certified Organic vegetables. Also, eggs.yesyesyesyesyes..
TonemadeCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersBeef bone broth and jus...yessome..
Top Hundred AcresEggsEggsEggsyesyesyesyesyes.yes
Tully'z KitchenCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersCurry sauces..yes.some..
Ummu GozlemeReady to Eat FoodReady to Eat FoodGozleme (savoury, stuffed Turkish flatbread)yesyesyesyesyes..
VIINOBeveragesBeveragesCabernet Sauvignon, Verdelho, Rose and Shiraz wines...some.some.
Wattle Organic FarmsFruitFruitCertified Organic stonefruitin seasonin seasonin seasonin season.Dec-Feb.
Whitlands BlueberriesFruitFruitBlueberriesin season.someFeb.
Yarra CoffeeCoffee etcCoffee etcCoffee and chai.yes.yesyes.yes
Yarra Valley Gourmet SausagesMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishA wide range of gourmet sausages.yes.yessome.yes
Yendon Gourmet TomatoesVegetablesVegetablesTomatoes and other summer vegetables.yes.yes...

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