Community Stall at Eltham Farmers’ Market


Local Food Connect’s ‘community market stall’ offers you the opportunity to sell surplus produce on an occasional basis. In other words, if you have too much surplus produce to swap at a food swap but not enough to sell through commercial channels, the community market stall offers you a great opportunity for selling fruit, vegetables or herbs which might otherwise be wasted.

At each market, there will be up to two growers sharing the stall. No cost is involved for you. On the contrary, it will give you the opportunity to make money from your produce and recoup some of the costs in keeping your garden going. You don’t need a permit either but, for insurance reasons, you will need to join Local Food Connect (cost of $10 per year).

If you are interested in selling your surplus produce at the community market stall, please contact Chris Chapple by phone (0407 431 366) or email. Or have a chat with us at the Local Food Connect information stand at the market.

At all of the markets where the stall has happened thus far, both the growers and the buyers went home happy! Here is what four of the growers had to say:

  • We all enjoyed the time thoroughly – it was great to feel part of the fresh food scene.
  • It is amazing to have the chance to ‘start out’ with the community stall ~ so thank you!
  • Thanks so much – I had a blast.
  • It was a very enjoyable day so my sincere thanks to you. I really think you’ve created something great for the community with the market. We’re very lucky 🙂

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