Doncaster Community Gardens


This garden is allotment-based. It is currently full and with a waiting list.

To discuss any aspect of the garden, contact Trevor Eddy by email or phone (0414 443203).

Wetherby Road, Doncaster. Access to the gardens is via a rough private road which runs downwards through the car park between the Kevin Heinze GROW Centre and its commercial nursery.

Doncaster Community Gardens occupies a large tract of Ausnet Services land near power lines at the back of the Kevin Heinze GROW Centre. The land is leased by Manningham Council and it’s huge, comprising 2½ acres of land divided into many rows of connected plots. There are around 140 plots in total, most of which are 10 metres by 4 metres.

Each gardener pays annually per plot, they have access to town water, wheelbarrows, hoses and lawn mowers. It is the plot owner’s responsibility to keep the paths that border their plot maintained and failure to do so can result in the loss of the plot.

In March 2020, Judy Vizzari visited the garden. Read her writeup of the visit.

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