Incredible Edible Todmorden


Well worth 13 minutes of your time!

And another 13 minutes well spent!

Various posts about Incredible Edible Todmorden:

  • ‘Please pick me’ is a case study on how Incredible Edible Todmorden is re-purposing the commons for open source food and agricultural biodiversity by Professor John Paul at Oxford University’s Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology. (posted February 6 2014)
  • More words of wisdom from Incredible Todmorden: “…Yes, we would all benefit hugely if we could just grow more of our food closer to our plates. Energised by the thrill of growing our own vegetables, delighted to wander our markets buying local meat, cheese, and breads, happier to reconnect to others living around through the sharing and caring that producing more local food can bring. But hey, that’s the beginning, not the end. … Why don’t the institutions that spend public money have rules that force them to support local businesses, help local farmers and producers supply locally? New York, San Francisco and Toronto all do it. They have seen the benefits of having food policies in place that help local people help themselves. …Yes, I know we would have to re-educate ourselves about how to cook on a budget, but bring it on, I say. Local food, local energy, local jobs. Why not try to bend budgets in support of this.” (posted January 17 2013)
  • Listen to this inspiring talk by Pam Warhurst at How can we eat our landscapes Can we do this around the Diamond Valley? Keep tuned for a public discussion on this…Those of you who are teachers may also like Growing green in the south Bronx. (posted August 23 2012)

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