The book

Book 1Local Food Connect teamed up with the Diamond Valley Group of the Country Women’s Association to create the recipe book, Pick, Share, Eat, celebrating the beauty, flavour and earthy pleasures of growing and eating seasonal, local food. The book presents around 150 recipes using local ingredients and you are encouraged to experiment with foods that you have never tried before such as taro, feijoas and Warrigal greens.

The book is available for download here – ‘right click and save as’ to download or ‘left click’ to view in your browser. Alternatively, all the recipes are listed below, together with some extras, and can be clicked to see their details. The widgets on the right hand sidebar also allow you to search the recipes by ingredient, keyword, course, season or author.

Since the book’s publication, a further 50 recipes by local cooks have been added, bring the total to 200.

In passing, and apropos of nothing, something that has been bugging me for ages: why do recipes rarely contain the words “the” or “a” (at least until I get my hands on them)? Is it some sort of rule? Who decided?

The recipes