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1. Is anaerobic worm/compost/weed ‘tea’ good or bad for the soil? Some people go to a lot of trouble keeping it aerobic; some people say the foul smell of the anaerobic stuff is the nitrogen being lost to the air; others say it doesn’t matter whether it’s anaerobic or not; etc. Email your answer.
2. Is there anyone who could install and manage a beehive for someone in Ivanhoe East in exchange for most of the honey? Email your answer.
3. Are micro-greens grown from special seeds or are they just densely planted and therefore stunted shoots of normal seeds? Bruno Tigani: the seeds used for micro-green production are generally the same varieties that are used to grow full sized plants. They are sown at higher density and harvested at an early stage, often with just the cotyledon leaves.
4. Are micro-greens more nutritious than ‘macro’ greens and, if so, why? Bruno Tigani: according to this research paper, the nutrient density in micro-green cotyledon leaves are likely higher than those of a mature plant. Among the 25 commercially available microgreens tested, red cabbage, coriander, garnet amaranth, and green daikon radish had the highest concentrations of ascorbic acids, carotenoids, phylloquinone, and tocopherols, respectively. However, as Bruno observes, you might eat 100gm of broccoli at a mature size compared to 10gm as micro-greens, so the absolute amount of nutrition is probably higher from eating mature broccoli.
5. How does one make black garlic and where can it be bought locally? Chris Newman: per Wikipedia, black garlic is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic over the course of several weeks and the taste is sweet and syrupy. You can buy it on ebay but it is very expensive (around $160 per Kg) and I am going to try making using a black garlic fermenter, which is available on ebay for around $100. Apparently, you just choose the fermenting mode and put the garlic in for up to 12 days and then afterwards let it dry for 5 days.
6. Does anyone know about any classes or workshops on maintaining goats? Pauline Webb: Sylvia Allen, wife of Pete the Permie, knows all about goats. I’ve spoken to Pete and he agrees with Pauline and said that people are more than welcome to ring Sylvia and himself to ask their questions. Phone number: 0418 665880.

Fay Loveland: PIP magazine has published a podcast interview with Maria Cameron about keeping goats in a shared backyard context. Maria is from Hibi Farm in Heidelberg West, where she shares some goats with some of her neighbours.

7. Are there any facilities for recycling corks? Julie Cabrol: Darebin Council has made the following bald statement: “there is currently no recycling option for corks in Australia.According to the Ecobin website, this is because corks are not virgin cork and contain other resins.

Lucinda Flynn: whilst they no longer get collected for the zoos, they are fine to put into the compost.

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