Some of the entertainers


Click here to listen to some of the songs by the entertainers or here to watch some of their videos. Hover over any picture for a short description of the entertainer(s).

Some songs by the entertainers

Alejandro Aguanta
Villancico See SoundCloud
Alternative Post-Punk A Cappella Choir
Call Me See their website
Amber Fox
Malvern Star  
Bernardo Soler
Beautiful Beasts
Right See SoundCloud
Blue Tango
Basin Street Blues See their website
Charlie Mgee and the Formidable Vegetable Sound System
Yield See their website
Dave Robertson & The Kiss List
Close Your Mouth See BandCamp
David and Brenna
Something Like Olivia  
Disgruntled Architect
Welcome To The Sky  
Elissa Franceschi
Chemicals See SoundCloud
Garry Hayes
Coming To A Town Near You See MySpace
Hannah Wales
Another Day  
God Bless The Child  
Joel Quinn
How To Make Gravy See SoundCloud
Johnny Cronin
Tipperary To Fremantle Station See SoundCloud
Larni Daicos
Count On Me See SoundCloud
Lucy Wise and The B’Gollies
Song For Shanti See BandCamp
Gospel Demo See SoundCloud
Niq Reefman
The Tube See SoundCloud
Naomi Jones and The Bare Bones
Madam Blues See Bandcamp
Pablo Naranjo and Warren Wickremesooriya
Te Vas See BandCamp
Roadside Holiday
Ordinary Shoes See their website
Someday June
Anxious Heart See SoundCloud
Sophie’s Voice Choir
The Long Black Veil See SoundCloud
Tea Set
Funnell of Love  
The Box and The Bucket
Brown Eyed Girl  
The Burning Bridges
Blue Railroad Train See cdbaby
The Eltham Concert Band
Highlights Of Step Into Spring  
The Jam Tarts Trio
Dream A Little Dream Of Me See SoundCloud


Some videos of the entertainers

  • Alejandro Aguanta

    Alejandro Aguanta
  • Amber Fox

    Amber Fox
  • Ash Sumpter

    Ash Sumpter
  • Beautiful Beasts

    Beautiful Beasts
  • Bernardo Soler

    Bernardo Soler
  • Blue Tango

    Blue Tango
  • Borris and verysilly

    Borris and verysilly
  • Charlie Mgee

    Charlie Mgee
  • Dave Robertson

    Dave Robertson
  • David Paul

    David Paul
  • Diamond Valley Singers

    Diamond Valley Singers
  • Elissa Franceschi

    Elissa Franceschi
  • Fraser Thomas Ashford

    Fraser Thomas Ashford
  • JDjazz

  • Joel Quinn

    Joel Quinn
  • Larni Daicos

    Larni Daicos
  • Lucy Wise

    Lucy Wise
  • Myriad

  • Naomi Jones

    Naomi Jones
  • Niq Reefman

    Niq Reefman
  • Pablo Naranjo

    Pablo Naranjo
  • Roadside Holiday

    Roadside Holiday
  • Roxx Mixx Duo

    Roxx Mixx Duo
  • Simon Wright

    Simon Wright
  • Someday June

    Someday June
  • The Burning Bridges

    The Burning Bridges
  • The Eltham Concert Band

    The Eltham Concert Band
  • The Jam Tarts Trio

    The Jam Tarts Trio

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