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Produced by Local Food Connect*

  • Apted’s Orchards

  • Arthurs Creek Garlic

  • Hildebrand Grove

  • Just Picked

  • Kings of Kangaroo Ground

  • Sugarloaf Produce

  • The Mushroom Shed

Produced by others

  • Alpine Walnuts

    Alpine Walnuts
  • Balashi Flowers

    Balashi Flowers
  • Blue Bay Cheese

    Blue Bay Cheese
  • Boatshed Cheese

    Boatshed Cheese
  • Kingfisher Citrus

    Kingfisher Citrus
  • Leadoux Turkeys

    Leadoux Turkeys
  • Manuko

  • Peninsula Fresh Organics

    Peninsula Fresh Organics
  • Tolpuddle Goat Cheese

    Tolpuddle Goat Cheese
  • Tonemade

  • Top Hundred Acres

    Top Hundred Acres

* Thanks to the Victorian Government who, through a grant from Rural Development Victoria (RDV), provided the funding that enabled these videos to be commissioned.

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