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Angharad Neal-Williams

Angharad is an Illustrator and Graphic Recorder whose work covers a wide range of subjects. She “likes to work with environmentally friendly and ethically conscious clients.

The illustration right is a map of Kangaroo Ground.

See Angharad’s website.

Go to her online shop.

Watch her being interviewed.

Bev Middleton

Bev founded and leads Soil Week Australia, which is a website aiming to “raise awareness of the importance and benefits of healthy living soil and empower the people of Australia to take action.

See Bev’s website.

Bron Elmore

Bron is a fine art painter based in Warrandyte. She works primarily in oil and acrylic media but also enjoys experimenting with limited edition relief printmaking.

See Bron’s website.

Deb Smith

Deb is a music educator and music literacy expert who provides support and resources for teaching musicianship and aural training in secondary schools.

See Deb’s website.

Go to her online shop.

Jill Brailsford

Jill is an artist who sells a wide range of her art online, including original paintings, art prints, greeting cards and painted stained glass. “I have many cards and prints with Australian native plants and animals which your newsletter readers might be interested in.

See Jill’s website.

Go to her online shop.

Julie Merlet

Julie’s company NATIF (N=Native; A=Australian; T=Traditional; I=Indigenous; F=Foods) sells a wide range of native foods online on her website, with the main categories being fruits & fruit powders, herbs & spices, beverages and wellness products.

The native foods used include aniseed myrtle, boab, bunya nut, bush tomato, cinnamon myrtle, davidson plum, desert lime, fingerlime, geraldton wax, kakadu plum, lemon myrtle, mountain pepperleaf, muntrie, pepperberry, peppermint gum, quandong, riberry, rivermint, saltbush, strawberry gum and wattleseed.

NATIF values knowing where native foods come from, the method & ethics of collection and rights of the Indigenous people who collect some of this food. All of their packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.

See Julie’s website.

Go to her online shop.

Spend $10 or more online and receive a free native foods cookbook by typing in the word ‘Cooee’ in the discount code upon checkout.

Karen Sutherland

Karen is a garden designer, writer and speaker. She writes monthly articles for ABC Organic Gardener which are available on this page on their website.

Karen also has her own website, called Edible Eden Design.

See Karen’s website.

Leila Alexandra

Leila, (aka The Barefoot Elder), has an edible gardening guidance business called Barefoot Food Gardens. She offers consultations, workshops, storytelling and tours of her rental garden. She specialises in low-work, no-dig, permaculture and forage approaches to growing food at home.

See Leila’s website. Also, see her Facebook page and her Instagram page.

Lucinda Flynn

Lucinda Flynn, via her company Going Green Solutions, is a long time supplier of plant-based and Certified compostable catering ware.

See Lucinda’s website.

Marjory Gardner

Marjory is a freelance children’s book illustrator (who “loves gardening!). She also paints personalised name badges, brooches and Christmas decorations, which she sells at local craft markets.

See Marjory’s website.

Simone Boyd

Simone Boyd is the owner of the online veggie seed shop, Heirloom Naturally. All of the seeds sold are chemical free and have been grown by Simone on her farm.

See Simone’s website.

Go to her online shop.

Go to her YouTube channel.


Newsletter reader Bil Brosch is a 2nd year TreeProject grower.

TreeProject is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation that gets urban and rural communities working together to put trees back on the land. Volunteer growers grow Australian natives species specific to Victoria using growing materials supplied by TreeProject (One growing supply consists of 7 polystyrene boxes of potting mix, slow release fertiliser, seeds, gravel and 336 forestry tubes). Once the seeds have become established seedlings, they are handed over to landholders (Landcare groups and private land holders) to plant out in aide of rejuvenating land and eco systems.

They organise many planting days.

See the TreeProject website.

Read their newsletters.

Look at their seed database.

Vicky Ellmore

I have a website called Reusable Nation that I started when my partner and I started reducing our waste. Its purpose is to share what we’ve learnt on our zero waste journey, tips and advice. It also includes a map of Where to shop waste free in Australia that shows where people can buy things without packaging.” [Editor: I looked up my suburb (Eltham) on the map and it listed Eltham Deli, Organic Fix and Thrive Bulk Wholefoods, which seems like a reasonable list.]

See Vicky’s website.

I have recently launched the Reusable Nation rainbow party kit on The Party Kit Network so that my community and surrounding ones have a kit of re-usable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and party decorations that can be used by everyone in the community for birthday and other parties instead of using single-use.” [Editor: Vicky lives in Hurstbridge and her party kit covers the following suburbs/town(s): Hurstbridge, St Andrews, Diamond Creek, Wattle Glen, Panton Hill, Eltham and surrounds.]

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