Sylvester Hive Community Garden


This garden is open to the public.

To discuss any aspect of the garden, contact Sally Mendes by email. Also, see their Facebook page.

On the grounds of the Pavilion School, corner of Dean and Gray Streets, Preston.

Sylvester Hive community garden was built in partnership between Darebin Council, The Pavilion School and local residents on land generously provided by the school. The garden was launched in November 2016. With a border of fruit trees, 14 raised wicking beds for vegetables and herbs, storage container and shelter, seating, composting bays and a children’s sand pit, the garden has been designed as a welcoming space to meet with friends and neighbours.

A group of local residents have formed to take care of the garden which they have named ‘Sylvester Hive’ (‘Sylvester’ is derived from the Latin for woodland and ‘Hive’ denotes a place where people meet and connect). The group meet regularly to discuss and agree on how the garden is to be managed, used, planted and harvested. The raised wicking beds are all cultivated communally and the harvest is shared at regular communal meals and celebrations.

The garden is open all week. Members meet regularly at the garden every Saturday, midday-3pm.

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