The white ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium)


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After spending today cutting back the ginger lilies in the garden, I thought about how beautiful it looked. And it is also edible.

The white flowers have a strong floral fragrance and taste floral as well. They can be used to top salads, desserts or as a garnish for an elegant look.

The white ginger lily originates from Asia and can be a weed in more tropical areas. Here in Melbourne it does quite well though and adds a tropical theme to your garden. Usually an under-story plant, it does best in a more protected spot under a canopy or among other plants.

Placed in a border near a pathway, the flowers smell lovely walking past and the ginger stems add an architectural element to the garden.

This is definitely one of the more beautiful ornamental ginger lilies to grow and it is edible too.

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  1. Is the root edible as well?

  2. Hi Guy, I was informed that these plant grow from bulbs. If you are located around Melbourne can we get them from you?

  3. Where to buy in Australia? Thanks.

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