Leaf, Root & Fruit’s food growing articles


Leaf, Root & Fruit is one of our most interesting local blogs (they are based in Kyneton). Here is a list of their some of their posts which relate to food growing.

Planting guides
How to grow …
Growing fruit trees
Growing citrus
Growing media



The main conclusions from their growing media experiments:

  • Which commercial fertiliser is best?: “even with the best quality fertilisers, terrible soil is difficult to improve“.
  • Which potting mix is best?: “There is a huge variation in the performance of each of the potting mixes.” and thus “Never underestimate the importance of good quality soil in growing your fruit and veggies. Interestingly, price isn’t always a good indicator of quality.“.
  • Which soil conditioner is best?: “the best soil amendments in our trial were worm castings in heavy doses, chicken manure in light doses, and Richgro Organic Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser [their top ranked Certified Organic fertiliser]“.

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