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This page provides both a list and a map of the 24 cafes in Eltham, the 1 in Eltham North and the 3 in Research. If you click any of the names, or any of the map markers, the relevant contact details are shown, together with the cafe’s menu(s). Menus are included for all bar one of the cafes.

For the purposes of this page, a cafe is defined as somewhere where you can buy a coffee during the day and sit down to drink it, but which is not part of a fast food chain. If you think that there are any other cafes that should be included, email us.

In passing, just about all cafes will serve my favourite coffee: a long black in a mug with both cold milk and hot water on the side. The milk on the side means that I can limit how much milk is in the coffee and the water on the side means that I can trade off volume against strength to suit my (as opposed to their) tastes.

Combining the cafes with the restaurants and takeaways gives a total of 72(!) eateries in Eltham and Research.

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