Megan Goodman’s recipes

Apple pieApple piesweetvegan.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanappleapple
Banana bread with passionfruit pulpBanana bread with passionfruit pulpsweetvegAutumnMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmanbanana; passionfruitbanana, passionfruit
Barley and grain saladBarley and grain saladsaladvegan.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanbarleybarley
Basic beef in red wine with thymeBasic beef in red wine with thymesavoury..Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanbeefbeef
Beef pastiesBeef pastiessavoury..Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanbeef; carrot; potatobeef, carrot, potato
Cavolo nero with chilliCavolo nero with chillisavouryvegan.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmankalekale
Fresh pea soupFresh pea soupsoupveg optionSpringMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmanpeaspeas
Green ricotta gnocchiGreen ricotta gnocchisavouryveg.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmancheese; silverbeet; spinachcheese, silverbeet, spinach
Green tomato pickleGreen tomato picklesauce/dip/preserveveganSummerMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmanonion; tomatoonion, tomato
Horseradish dressingHorseradish dressingsauce/dip/preservevegAutumnMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmanhorseradishhorseradish
HummusHummussauce/dip/preservevegan.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanchickpeaschickpeas
Lemon curdLemon curdsweetveg.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanlemonlemon
Lemon deliciousLemon delicioussweetveg.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanlemonlemon
Orange custard tartOrange custard tartsweetveg.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodmanorangeorange
Puy lentils and mintPuy lentils and mintsavouryveganAutumnMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmanlentils; mintlentils, mint
Quince pasteQuince pastesauce/dip/preserveveganSummerMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmanquincequince
Rhubarb tartRhubarb tartsweetvegAutumnMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmanrhubarbrhubarb
Seed crackersSeed crackerssavouryvegan.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodman..
Sweet potato sconesSweet potato sconessweetvegAutumnMegan GoodmanMegan Goodmansweet potatosweet potato
Yo yosYo yossweetveg.Megan GoodmanMegan Goodman.zz

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  1. Please thank Meg for the Massey peas she kindly posted to me. I am grateful.

    Perhaps Meg might consider some recipes with barley, I am sure there would be others interested. I would like to learn how to substitute it for rice.

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