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Current LFC committee members

The current LFC committee members include Chris Chapple, Fay Loveland and Richard Rowe.

Chris Chapple
Chris is the manager of Eltham Farmers’ Market and Vice President of the Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association.
Fay Loveland
Fay is the entertainment coordinator and food swap coordinator for the Eltham Farmers’ Market. Her background includes a wide range of science and environmental education work, and she is a keen backyard gardener.
Richard Rowe
Richard’s two day jobs are a) an Environmental Educator working at the Edendale Farm teaching school kids about living more sustainably and b) as the Learning an Training Coordinator for Sustainable Gardening Australia. In his spare time, he is a Scout Leader and Group Leader at the Viewbank Scout Group and the parent to three active teenagers.


Nillumbik U3A people active within the local food community

Some of the other people active in LFC agreed (in June 2015) to have their photos included in a Nillumbik U3A article. Click here to view/download the article, with selected extracts below.

Duang Tengtrirat
Duang has cooked at multiple Harvest Feasts, a major annual event held at Eltham High School.
Evan Gellert
Evan is a volunteer at the heritage apple orchards at Petty’s Orchard in Templestowe. He is also one of the people who mans the information stall at Eltham Farmers’ Market.
Guy Palmer
Guy produces a free, weekly e-newsletter which covers both upcoming events across North East Melbourne and articles on growing veggies, local food producers, etc. He also maintains the LFC website. Guy is the President of Nillumbik U3A, and has run a U3A course on the science behind growing veggies and fruit. In a previous life, he was involved in the setting up of breakfast clubs and has written about food poverty.
Robyn Currie
Robyn has been a stalwart of many local food organisations over the years. This has included maintaining a calendar of local food events for LFC, establishing the planter box outside of healthAbility and organising events for North East Ranges Permaculture.
Pam Jenkins and Sabi Buehler
Pam (left on the picture) is a leading light of the local food movement in Diamond Creek, having both organised the food swap for many years and led the maintenance of the planter boxes. Sabi (on the right of the picture) is an active participant in the local food swaps, including Eltham and Greensborough. She has written an article on food foraging for this website.

Other U3A members who are also active within the local food community include: Andrew Sharard, David Hicks, Judy Vizzari, Linda Laos and Vera Herman.

People currently active within LFC

In the table below, individuals are named once only even if (as many of them do) they participate in more than one of the activities.

Contributors to the newsletter Guy Palmer Dana Thomson David Murray Greta Gillies
Helen Simpson Judy Vizzari Julie French Lara McKinley
Mac McVeigh Marina Bistrin Paul Gale-Baker Robin Gale-Baker
Robyn Currie Stuart Rodda
Planter boxes Anna Clarke Andrew Sharard Charlie Caia David Hicks
Duang Tengtrirat Evan Gellert Glenn Mansfield John Clarke
Karyn Knight Meredith Plain Nathan Ezard Pam Jenkins
Richard Lee
Community Market Stall Andrew Stahmer Bonnie Taylor Cath Lyons Deb Stahmer
Elodie George Peng Jan Peggie John Peggie
Peter Dougherty Pia Sappl Sandra Macneil Stuart Rodda
Susan Palmer Tash Hardidge
Eltham Food Swap Bev Robertson Claire Butler Fay Loveland Tess Gardiner
Information Marquee at Eltham Farmer’s Market Adam Howie Carol Woolcock Christina Spry Felicity Gordon
Gillian Essex Jasmine Powell Karen Olsen Karen Thomson
Katherine Barling Kris Dixon Linda Laos Mala Plymin
Natalie Kellett Nina Gormley Samantha Patterson Sabi Buehler
Other Honourable Mentions Dione Fisher Hans Hoffman Michelle Hegarty Vera Herman

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