Railway Garden


This garden is open to the public.

At North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House, 20 Solly Avenue, Princes Hill.

The Railway Garden comprises 10 large garden beds, 6 wicking beds, a citrus bed, a fruit tree area and an indigenous plants bed. Read their technical manual.

The garden was first established in 2020, the vision being of a collectively managed, open and inclusive garden and community meeting place where people gather to connect with one another, either through gardening activities or simply for the pleasure of being there. They strive to ensure a positive impact on the environment, for example, no pesticides, use organic gardening methods, recycle waste and nutrients where possible (eg through composting) and save seeds. Read their operational manual.

To discuss any aspect of the community garden, contact North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House by phone (9380 6654) or email. Also, see their website.

There are gardening groups on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. If you would potentially like to get involved in the garden, fill out an enrolment form and they will get in touch with you.

There are regular on site information sessions, workshops and courses on gardening practices.

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