Balam-Balam Community Garden


This garden is open to the public.

To discuss any aspect of the community garden, contact Elle Morrell by phone (9347 2739) or email. Also, see their website and Facebook page.

Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre, 20 Princes Street, Carlton North.

The Balam-Balam community garden comprises a number of communal plots, a market garden, herbaceous border, hot house and indigenous bushfood garden. The garden supplies produce to the local Community Grocer market held weekly at the Carlton public housing estate and to migrant and refugee students at Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre studying English.

The garden includes a community compost hub where you can contribute your food scraps to be recycled into nutrient-rich compost for the garden. Ask them for a food scrap container if needed. During business hours, enter via the back gate and deposit your scraps directly in to the compost hub. Outside business hours, place contents in the green bin (you will need to contact them to get the code to the lock).

Enquire about buying a bag of compost for $5 and seedlings for your garden grown in the Balam-Balam community garden when available.


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