Community stencils


masterFelicity Gordon, a local artist and longstanding member of Local Food Connect, has kindly developed some stencils for use on planter boxes in Nillumbik and Banyule. Please email us if you would like to use these stencils.

The idea is that all local planter boxes should have the same symbol on them (shown right) to show that they are related initiatives. This stencil has two sizes, around 30cm and 15cm high respectively.

The other 7 stencils – which illustrate some of the veggies and fruit that can be grown in planter boxes – can then be added as wanted. These are all around 15cm high.

Clearly, the stencils can be done in any colour but Local Food Connect has dark green, dark red and blue paints available.

All 8 stencils are shown below.

master apple chilli eggplant
Planter box symbol Apple Chillis Eggplant


pak choy peas radish sweetcorn
Pak choy Peas Radish Sweetcorn

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