Unusual food-related words


Each month, an unusual food-related word is added to this page.


‘Plirding’, meaning to pick up litter whilst bird watching.

Watch this 60 minute webinar on the subject by Julia Cirillo, from Merri Creek Management Committee.


‘Tyromancy’, meaning the art of telling the future through the observation of cheese, especially as it coagulates. Types of emerging mould and patterns of growing holes are apparently both important aspects.

A variant is to write the names of possible suitors or suitresses onto pieces of cheese and then place these pieces around a mouse. Whatever name is on the piece of cheese that the mouse eats first is then destined to be your love mate. [Editor: I am currently running an experiment to see if this works in practice using three pieces of cheese with the names Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Kate Upton on them.]


‘Yule-hole’, meaning the last hole on a waist belt; in other words, the hole you have to move your belt buckle to after you’ve eaten Christmas dinner. It is apparently a Scottish word.

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