Pentridge Community Garden


This garden is membership-based, with some allotments.

To discuss any aspect of the garden, contact Patsy by email. Also, see their Facebook page and website.

Moonering Drive (Near 1 Stockade Avenue), Coburg, 3058.

Pentridge is a new (as of late 2017) community garden within the grounds of the historic Pentridge Prison in Coburg. The old prison site is being re-developed as an integrated residential and commercial precinct with housing, cinema, hotel, cafes, retail and artists studios. The garden is located within the site on land provided by the developer, Shayher Group.

The garden is maintained by a group of local residents, with a focus on gardening together, learning from each other and building a vibrant local community. It includes fruit trees, vegetables, herbs in both communal gardening spaces and personal plots (allotments), ornamental beds, a community compost hub, open & shady spaces to sit, and plenty of activities for kids.

Please join the group to help develop the garden into a vibrant part of the Coburg community, where residents can meet, grow some food, plants and flowers, chat and enjoy some relaxing green space within the city.

There are regular open sessions at the garden, every Sunday, 9am-12.30pm. See their Facebook page for dates of other events.

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