Oakhill Food Justice Farm


This garden is open to the public, but only 9-11.30am on Monday mornings and 3.30-6pm on Wednesday afternoons.

To discuss any aspect of the garden, contact Leila Alexandra by email (leila@sustainaustralia.org) or phone (0420 329329). Also, see their website.

233 Tyler Street, Preston, 3072.

Oakhill Food Justice Farm came into existence in September 2021 and is a demonstration of how you can turn a disused 800sqm block into an urban farm. It is a ‘food is free’ initiative, utilising skills of local food-growers and farmers to produce vegetables, herbs, salads for community members. Food is harvested weekly in partnership with DIVRS and distributed through DIVRS emergency food relief program.

People can sign up through Oakhill’s website to become a volunteer at the farm. The volunteer sessions run on Monday mornings (9-11.30am) and Wednesday afternoons (3.30-6pm), where the volunteers can learn about all aspects of food growing as well as chat over fresh farm tea breaks.

Oakhill runs a number of programs throughout the week. Preston Primary School students walk to the farm weekly to design and grow their own ‘Preston primary passata patch’, where they learn how to grow and take care of soil, produce compost and worm farms, grow crops, sow and save seeds, pot-up tomatoes, plant them, manage water, trellis them, grow beneficial plants such as herbs and flowers and eventually harvest and make passata.

Oakhill also runs a paid-internship program for youth converting lawn to food; works in partnership with Bridge Darebin to create and facilitate their gardening programs; and organises various workshops.

The gardening space (but not the house) is accessible for wheelchairs. There are toilet and kitchen facilities available on site.

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