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Please email us if there are any other people that you think should be listed.

Some local people who prune fruit trees
Name Base Website Email Phone
Chris Kent Eltham North   cxkent@bigpond.com 0419 590952
Kylie Johnston Heidelberg West   sherrin16@hotmail.com 0426 137882
Mac McVeigh Eltham   mac@macmcveighgardens.com.au 0438 034331
Some local people who build planter boxes, wicking beds or raised garden beds
Name Base Website Email Phone
Felipe Mora and Michelle Labrin Hurstbridge www.facebook.com/foodgardensolutions michellelab@hotmail.com 0402 400624
Frances Grech (ReBoxCo) Thornbury www.reboxco.com.au enquiries@reboxco.com.au 0439 368018
Greg Parsons (Yummy Gardens) St Andrews www.yummygardensmelbourne.com greg@yummygardens.com.au 0431 382230
Leaf, Root & Fruit Gardening Services Hawthorn East www.leafrootfruit.com.au info@LeafRootFruit.com.au 0423 003764
Mac McVeigh Eltham   mac@macmcveighgardens.com.au 0438 034331
Matthew Laity (How Ya Growing) Greensborough   matthew.laity@gmail.com 0449 594845
Paul Morland (morLandscapes) Bellfield www.facebook.com/morlandscapes morlandscapes@gmail.com 0413 998900
or 9440 9247
Nathan Ezard Eltham North   ezardgardening@gmail.com 0423 954171
Paul Gale-Baker (Urban Shepherd) Macleod www.urbanshepherd.com.au pagb@optusnet.com.au 0408 733683
or 9444 7427
Some local people who grow and sell seedlings
Name Base Website Email Phone
Helen Simpson (The Mushroom Shed) Montmorency Local Food Directory page   9435 1686
Richard Lee (KABUU) Montmorency www.kabuu.com.au kabuu_richard@outlook.com 0422 606026

For a discussion of these growers, see Susan’s guide to local seedlings.

Some local people who give away manure
What Name Base Website Contact Notes
Horse manure Banyule Horse Riders East Ivanhoe   0418 128234
Free. The Boulevard, East Ivanhoe. Pile, bulk or self-bag. Call to arrange.
Horse manure Banyule Horse Riders Eltham   banyulehorseriders@gmail.com Free. Eltham PC, Homestead Road, Eltham. 15Kg bags. Any time.
Horse manure Banyule Horse Riders Lower Plenty   banyulehorseriders@gmail.com Free. 28 Montpelier Drive, Lower Plenty. 15Kg bags. Wednesdays.
Horse manure Banyule Horse Riders Viewbank   0417 564857
Free. Banyule Road, Viewbank. Pile, bulk or self-bag. Call to arrange.
Horse manure Disabled Riding School Viewbank www.rdav.asn.au rdaviewbank@gmail.com Free but they request a donation for the school. Need to drive into the school when it is open and find someone in charge to organise. 290-332 Banyule Road, Viewbank.
Horse manure North Eastern Horse & Pony Club Viewbank www.nehpc.ponyclubvic.org.au secretary.nehpc@gmail.com Free. The manure is collected and left at the front entrance for locals to collect. Corner Henderson and Banyule Roads, Viewbank.
Horse manure Tandivale Equestrian Centre & Pony Club Warrandyte www.tandivale.com Karen
9844 3882
0488 244420
Free. 88 Johansons Road, Warrandyte. Ring beforehand to confirm pickup time.
Horse manure Various properties Kangaroo Ground     Various properties on Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road and Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Road often have bagged horse manure out the front of their property, with an honesty box system for payment.
Some local people who give away coffee grounds or husks
What Name Base Website Contact Notes
Coffee grounds Harvest Food Store Fairfield www.harvestfoodstore.com.au/cafe 9481 4718
Free. 108 Station Street, Fairfield. Ring in advance.
Coffee grounds The Tea Rose Fairfield www.facebook.com/thetearosetea 9486 3518 Free. 25 Railway Place, Fairfield. Ring in advance.
Coffee grounds Three Locals Fairfield www.facebook.com/threelocals 9078 6579 Free. 127 Station Street, Fairfield. Ring in advance.
Coffee grounds Miss Margaret Preston www.missmargaretcafe.com.au 8592 6910
Free. 14C Gilbert Road, Preston. Ring in advance.
Coffee grounds Red Bean Coffee Preston www.redbeancoffee.com.au 9416 8612 Free. 121 Plenty Road, Preston. Ring in advance.
Coffee grounds Sartoria Preston www.sartoria.com.au 9480 5664
Free. 115 Plenty Road, Preston. Ring in advance.
Coffee grounds Tasties Cafe Preston   9470 2260 Free. 356 High Street, Preston. Call to check first then bring your own container and let staff know before helping yourself.
Coffee grounds Cafe Qtee Reservoir 9462 5440 Free. 287 Broadway Street, Reservoir. Ring in advance.
Coffee grounds Nourish Me Cafe Richmond   Adrian O’Hagen
9429 4477
Free. 131 Burnley Street, Richmond. Please bring a container to take the coffee with you – if you call first, they can ensure there is plenty for you.
Coffee grounds Reground n/a (they deliver) www.reground.com.au Ninna Larsen
0466 242575
Free. Delivered to your door. Minimum delivery quantities: 2 bins if you live in inner Melbourne or 7 bins if you live in outer Melbourne.
Coffee husks Knight Mattingly Coffee Roasters Coburg North www.kmcr.com.au Customer Service
9383 2100
Free. 5 Milkman Way, Coburg North. Ring in advance. Minimum quantity: 1*240 litre bag. Empty hessian bags available. Pick up: Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
Coffee husks Quists Coffee Research www.quistscoffee.com.au Doris Niesen-Baruta
9437 2100 or 0407 424842
Free. 2/3 Candlebark Court, Research. Ring in advance.

Note that coffee husks are not at all the same thing as used coffee grounds. Rather, the husk is the outer layer of the coffee bean that breaks away and gets discarded during the roasting process. So, whilst used coffee grounds are available from cafes, coffee husks are available from roasters.

Some local people who give away mulch, sawdust, wood shavings, etc
What Name Base Website Contact Notes
Straw Motschall Stockfeeds Panton Hill   9719 7326 $8 per bale. 395 Kangaroo Ground – St Andrews Road, Panton Hill.
Wood shavings Yard Furniture Preston www.yardfurniture.com.au Peter McManus
9480 6171
Free and clean. Bags of 20+kg available to pick-up outside premises (or bring your own bag to take smaller quantities). Ring beforehand to check on availability. 271 Dundas Street, Preston, 3072.
Some local outlets that sell Certified Organic compost

Many nurseries do not sell Certified Organic compost and, unfortunately, some of these try and pass off their compost as the equivalent of Certified Organic by saying something like it is “100% organic”. Here is a list of local outlets who do actually sell Certified Organic compost.

Suburb Name Address Phone Website
Box Hill Bunnings 259 Middleborough Road, Box Hill 8878 0900 www.bunnings.com.au
Eltham Bunnings Corner Bridge & Silver Street, Eltham 9430 0100 www.bunnings.com.au
Epping Bunnings 592-694 High Street, Epping 9409 8600 www.bunnings.com.au
Mill Park Bunnings 761 Plenty Road, Mill Park 9404 8400 www.bunnings.com.au
Nunawading Bunnings 250 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading 9845 3900 www.bunnings.com.au
Preston Bunnings 120 Chifley Drive (Corner Murray Road), Preston 9416 6000 www.bunnings.com.au
Ringwood North Branch Out Nursery Cnr Oban & Warrandyte Roads, Ringwood North 9876 3479 www.branchoutnursery.com.au
Ringwood North Oban Trading 9 Oban Road, Ringwood North 9870 3215  
Thomastown Bunnings 11 Dalton Road, Thomastown 9462 8000 www.bunnings.com.au
Warrandyte Beasley’s Nursery & Teahouse 195 Heidelberg-Warrandyte Road, Warrandyte 9844 3335 www.beasleysteahouse.com.au

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