DIY frugal potting mix from wood chip mulch (by Tracey Bjorksten)


Tracey Bjorksten, from Hurstbridge, discusses making DIY potting mix from wood chip mulch in both the video and in words.

With spring seed sowing time almost upon us, and the recent surge of interest in edible gardening, it occurred to me that garden centres might struggle with the demand for things like potting mix. Besides, DIY potting mix is well worth making because it helps keep the costs of growing food down, it is easy, and the mixture can be tweaked for different purposes (e.g. starting seeds, propagating cuttings).

The main ingredient of potting mix is compost, but not everyone composts at home or has compost ready when they need it. However, commercial mixes are based around composted pine bark or wood chips, and lots of us use wood chip mulch in our gardens. So, I thought I would show people how they can mine their paths and garden beds for compost, and use that, along with a couple of other cheap and readily available ingredients, to make their own mix.

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  1. Very useful Tracey! Have shared with my local permaculture group, especially given today’s news about commercial compost being contaminated with herbicide 🙁

  2. Thanks Tracey for taking the time to help others save money. Excellent timing now further restrictions are in place. Thanks again, Louise.

  3. Thanks Tracey…very useful. Particularly like your sieve, great idea. Cheers, Deb

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