Roadmap for a resilient and sustainable Melbourne foodbowl

July 29, 2019 @ 19:00 – 20:00
Collingwood Library
11 Stanton St
Abbotsford VIC 3067
Collingwood Country Women's Association

Collingwood Country Women’s Association will be having a special guest speaker, Dr Rachel Carey to talk about the crisis facing our foodbowls and what must be done to protect agricultural land as it comes under increasing pressures. Rachel is one of the authors of a new report entitled Roadmap for a resilient and sustainable Melbourne foodbowl which outlines a vision and roadmap for preserving Melbourne’s foodbowl for current and future generations as a fundamental building block in a healthy, resilient, sustainable and fair food system. This roadmap was developed through a collaborative process involving a wide range of stakeholders. Five key areas of policy action underpin a resilient and sustainable city foodbowl: farmland protection, farm viability, water access, nutrient recycling and sustainable farming.

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