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You will need:
A pyrex jug or heat proof bowl.
A smallish saucepan (smaller diameter than the jug/bowl so you can use the double boiling method).
Chocolate moulds i.e. ice cube trays.
A small whisk or spoon.

(makes approx 25 chocolates)


3 tablespoon agave
80g cacao butter – chopped into small pieces
55g cacao powder – sifted


Bring 2cm depth water in the small pan to the boil.

Sit the jug/bowl on the saucepan (the water shouldn’t be touching the jug/bowl).

Place the cacao butter in the bowl, then turn off the heat, then let it completely melt.

Add the agave syrup, mix well to warm through.

Mix in the cacao power roughly 1/3 at a time, blend well.

Then add any other additions at this point – goji’s, raisans, dehydrated almonds, cacao nibs …

Remove the jug. WIPE THE WATER OFF the bottom and edge of the jug.

Carefully pour into the moulds and gently shake the moulds to settle the chocolate.

Place in the freezer for approx 30 mins or the fridge for an hour.

When set, twist mold to loosen the choc, remove and consume!

Where to buy your ingredients?

Natures Harvest in Hurstbridge stocks Loving Earth cacoa products; but you can also order online at www.lovingearth.net/, where you will find cacao products under ‘our products’. Note Loving Earth only import Peruvian cacao.


Lisa Walton

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