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To discuss any aspect of the Incredible Edible Eltham community, contact Guy by email or by phone (0416 203067).

On 5th November 2017, Guy was interviewed by Plenty Valley FM. Listen to Guy’s interview:

Have you heard of Incredible Edible Todmorden? If not, here is this TED talk explains everything and this video covers similar ground, but more amusingly.

Incredible Edible Eltham is Eltham’s version of the same sort of thing. The group came into existence in November 2017. Their objective is to promote local, visible, healthy food production and sharing … businesses, schools, farmers and the local community are all invited to be involved. It is a democratic group where anyone can have their say and where things happen (or not happen) depending on the energies and wishes of the individuals who are participating.

Incredible Edible Eltham currently has around 500 members. Join the Facebook group to either read others’ posts or to post yourself.

Incredible Edible Eltham currently encompasses three edible food gardens:

Eltham railway station healthAbility
(on Main Road)
Eltham Childcare Co-op
(behind Panther Place)

These projects complement the other local food initiatives in Eltham that pre-date Incredible Edible Eltham, including:

Eltham Farmers’ Market The Eltham Food Swap The garden at Living & Learning Edendale Farm

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