Doncaster Garden Club

April 10, 2024 @ 20:00 – 22:00
Doncaster East RSL
Leeds St & Doncaster Rd
Doncaster East VIC 3109

Second Wednesday of every month except for January and December. Everyone welcome. Parking is available at the rear off Leeds Street.

2024 speakers and topics
14 Feb: Keith Edwards on soil health.
13 Mar: James Wall on growing vegetables in pots.
10 Apr: Kat Lavers on permaculture kitchen garden design.
08 May: TBA.
12 Jun: Matthew King, from Ryset International.
10 Jul: Kristen Stewart on FOGO from council.
14 Aug: Felicity Gordon on Queensland fruit fly.
11 Sep: Kristen Stewart, from Council, on worm farms.
09 Oct: John Harris on habitat hardening in the backyard.
13 Nov: Kathleen Tants on preparing your garden for Summer.

2023 speakers and topics
08 Feb: Silkie roses.
08 Mar: Penny Woodward on knowing, growing and curing garlic.
10 May: Seila Hierk on Asian winter vegetables.
14 Jun: James Wall on the life and times as a nursery man.
12 Jul: John Hassal on vertical gardening.
09 Aug: Joseph Stanley on orchids.
12 Sep: Julie Kos, from Kossies Free Range Egg Farm, on smoked eggs.
11 Oct: Seila Hierk on bees in the garden.
08 Nov: Yarra Valley Water on recycled water.

2022 speakers and topics
09 Feb: Guy Palmer on local food activities around Manningham.
13 Apr: Nigel Philpot on the Doncaster Hill Community Garden and Felicity Gordon on Queensland fruit fly traps.
11 May: Helen Lovel from Neutrog, a fertiliser company.
08 Jun: Pete the Permie, aka Peter Allen, will be selling dwarf fruit trees.
14 Sep: Felicity Gordon on Queensland Fruit Fly.
12 Oct: Seila Hierk of Childplay Permaculture on Asian summer vegetables.
09 Nov: Dan from Seeds of Plenty on minature tomatoes.

2021 speakers and topics
12 May: Robin Gale-Baker on growing vegetables.
14 Apr: Angelo Eliades on sustainable gardening and permaculture.

2019 speakers and topics
13 Nov: Karen Sutherland on Edible Eden Design’s tomatoes.
09 Oct: Janine Kay on pelargoniums and geraniums.
11 Sep: Steve Morris on circular food.
14 Aug: Jainie on Neutrog’s ‘Who Flung Dung’.
10 Jul: Brendan Curtis on Japanese gardens.
12 Jun: Jim Poulter on traditional Aboriginal use in Manningham.
08 May: Paul on French ornamental vegetable gardens.
10 Apr: Seila Hierk on how to grow Winter Asian vegetables.
13 Mar: Mike Dodson from Betta Grower Organic Fertilisers on potting mixes.
13 Feb: Dwight King on dahlias.

Benefits of joining Doncaster Garden Club:

  • Eleven monthly newsletters per year.
  • Speakers each monthly meeting.
  • Discounts on selected products (e.g. wholesale at Ryset Industries).
  • Club trading table.
  • Part of a friendly and informative club.