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Waste management, and recycling in particular, can be complex and confusing. Rules vary between councils and which processing facility the contents of the bins end up at. Here you can find some information on some of these main differences between councils, some top tips and where you can find further information for your local council.

For council-specific information


Manningham (including an A-Z recycling guide).

Nillumbik (including an A-Z recycling guide).

Key details about bins

Item Eltham Farmers’ Market Banyule Manningham Nillumbik
Garbage bin red lid all green red lid red lid
Recycling bin yellow lid yellow lid yellow lid yellow lid
Green waste bin green lid lime green lid green lid green lid
Food waste in green waste bin? yes no no yes
Soft plastics in recycling bin? no no no yes
(if collected and tied together)
Lids Keep lids on plastic bottles Keep lids on plastic bottles and recycle.
Keep metal caps on glass jars and bottles.
Keep lids on jars. Keep lids on plastic bottles and recycle.
Metal lids can be placed loose in recycling.

Key tips for recycling

  • When it comes to the ‘waste hierarchy’, we first want to refuse, then reduce, then reuse, then recycle, then compost, and lastly send it to landfill. Recycling isn’t the best option when we could use reusable alternatives or refuse the unwanted waste altogether.
  • Remember to keep your recyclables loose, not tied up in plastic bags.
  • Ensure containers are empty before placing in recycling.
  • Aluminium (or foil) is recyclable – scrunch into a ball of size more than a golf ball and recycle.
  • For polystyrene, batteries, paint, toxic chemicals, and e-waste, you can find drop off points here.
  • The Victorian government has banned all e-waste (any item with a plug, battery or power cord) from going to landfill. Find out more. Locate drop-off points.
  • Sustainability Victoria have some great resources which you can find here.
  • If you have questions about what can and can’t be recycled, don’t forget to reach out to your local council – these contact details can be found on the links at the top of the page for each individual council.

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